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About us. Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Infrared Heaters

Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd have been specialising in selling infrared heaters since 2007. It all started when an opportunity arose from a European manufacturer to market their premium product in the UK. During our first two years in business, coinciding with the downturn in the UK economy, we struggled to make an impact, partly due to cost, and partly due to the British reserve of being suspicious of new technology. Then, in 2009, having researched into other manufacturers and having tested a few products we were approached by an Austrian company to market their infrared panels, these panels were manufactured in China meaning that the price of the panels came into reach of the average consumer rather than the well off. We also liked the fact that the design and technology was still European based, conforming to all European standards of quality which gave us plenty of confidence in the product, these heating panels are widely available across Europe and Canada.

Infrared heating is a form of radiant or direct heating. Our most common form of heating traditionally used in the UK is convection or space heating. Electric storage heaters and gas central heating were introduced into our homes in the 1970s at a time when energy was cheap, amongst great excitement about “central” heating. Space heating is very wasteful of energy, warmed air travels up towards the ceiling, touches the coldness of the ceiling and objects around the room, cools and restarts the process all over again. Any wet radiator system is based upon convection heating, as are the electric oil filled radiators and of course the very energy hungry electric fan heaters. Storage heaters were recently banned for a time from new buildings in Germany because they were seen to be so wasteful of energy! However with more green energy being produced electric heating is making a comeback, and with huge interest from consumers wanting to reduce their energy use a great deal of research has gone into creating an electric heater which provides infrared radiation in the exact wavelength to be most effective and comfortable to the human body whilst using the minimum amount of energy. Infrared heats people, furniture and the structure of the room directly, rather than just heating the air. The air does warm up but as an after effect of the radiant heat coming off all the warmed thermal mass of the room rather than as the main cause of the heating. With so many new gadgets coming onto the market the British consumer is far more accepting of new ideas and has really welcomed infrared heating technology.

An example of natural infrared heat is of course the sun, even on a cold day in spring or autumn when we know it is only 8-10 degrees centigrade, if the sun is shining we can feel its warmth, if a cloud gets in the way we can feel pretty chilly again. The warmth from the sun comes from the infrared end of the light spectrum, and our panels are producing the same effect indoors.

Multiheat are infrared heating specialists, we supply to builders, electricians, solar panel installers and to the home and business owner. Our product range should be seen as part of a bigger picture of home improvements to help save energy and have a return on investment over a short period of time. Our heating panels are compatible with solar PV installations.

Multiheat are experienced in heating various types of buildings and situations, from large hot yoga studios, skittle alleys, village halls and garden offices, to complete homes and extensions and office blocks, and with hundreds of very satisfied customers, we are always happy to discuss your project, just give us a ring! We have gained a good reputation for knowledgeable advice and good customer service, we are always happy to help.


Meet the team.

About us. Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Our office and warehouse is based in beautiful rural North Devon, set in the grounds of an eleven acre smallholding, home of llamas, goats and chickens.

FacebookKevin Woodward is based here in the office and will be the one who probably answers the phone or your emails. He comes from a background in finance and administration having worked previously for large corporate companies in the UK and overseas.


Image of HeatherHeather Edwards works in the office here in Devon providing all the back up administration. Heather works on the website and advertising along with general day to day sales and administration.