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Hot yoga classes at Pacific yoga, Bristol

Hot yoga using infrared heating panels.

Over the past few years we have supplied infrared heating panels to a number of fitness studios wanting to create a “hot” room. Yoga is performed in a room of about 36 –  42 degrees C. Due to the popularity we are finding a number of those original studios coming back to us for more heaters to be able to convert another studio ready for hot classes. If you are in London look up Yoga Centric or Triyoga, Soho. Bristol’s newest Hot yoga studio is Pacific Yoga near the city centre which also offers a lovely relaxing café too.

The reason for doing hot yoga using infrared heating is the warmth from the infrared panels feels just like warm sunshine on your body, soaking into the skin and promoting blood circulation. So, firstly you get the feel good factor of lovely warmth on the body rather than in the air alone. The movement of blood around the body helps to carry oxygen which then aides with deeper stretching and helps prevent tissue damage. The extreme heat also makes you sweat which releases toxins from the body. For the clients, the use of infrared heaters over warm blown heating is marvellous, as the air conditions are far more pleasant to breathe and the class becomes a more pleasurable experience and not a sufferance!

To get a room suitable for hot yoga using infrared heating requires an amount of planning, the ceiling must be around 2.5meters high to increase the infrared heating intensity, the room must be very well insulated to hold the warmth and an air ventilation unit is required, to extract stale air and bring in warm fresh air. The humidity also needs to be regulated to extract all that hot sweatiness and keep the room fresh. Surfaces need to be washable to keep the room hygienically clean. Fresh air is vitally important for those doing exercise! Most studios maintain the hot temperature all day for all their classes, so these might be yoga, or dance, pilates, spin.


Industrial heaters used in a Grade II listed buildingIndustrial and Terrace heaters can be used indoors too!

We have installed our white industrial heaters into a Grade II listed building which has been opened up into a large expansive office, surrounded by tall original single glazed sash windows which constantly feel cold. The white bar heater fits neatly on the ceiling and the extra power available quickly heats the staff, each heater is 1200 watts. Our largest panel heater at 700 watts simply would not have been powerful enough to reach from the high ceiling.

Industrial or elegant black terrace heaters can be used in the home and business situation in those very large cold draughty buildings that seem impossible to heat because they simply leak warmth away as fast as you can warm the air.

Infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body, as well as warming walls and furnishings which give off warmth to heat the air, so over a period of time the whole room feels warm, and becausGrade II listed building now heated with infrared heatinge infrared does not create air currents there is less movement of air and therefore fewer draughts. This office is thermostatically controlled to maintain 19 degrees and the staff are happy to work in shirt sleeves even on this cold January day!

The neat design is especially useful in barn conversions with unusually high ceilings, Victorian buildings, gymnasiums and fitness studios, garden buildings, village halls, shops and cafes.




black glass feature fireplace Wall mounted black glass feature fireplace

This festive modern fireplace has been created from one of our black glass infrared heating panels, positioned low down on the wall with hearth and mantel floating shelves made from oak.

The central heating in this room was a little inadequate and unable to get the room quite warm enough in the coldest part of winter.

An electric “fire” like this wall mounted black glass feature fireplace can be switched on and off as needed, especially on chilly summer evenings and those days when you are not ready to turn the full central heating on. This heater is neatly hardwired to a simple switch close by.

Care should be taken not to put anything on the hearth shelf which may become damaged when heated by the infrared warmth from the panel. Nothing should touch the front of the glass heater when it is switched on, as the glass itself becomes hot – just like any other heater or radiator.

Bedroom wall panel heater

Replacing storage heaters for infrared wall panels

Storage heaters become tatty and knocked about over time, they are such large cumbersome heaters that really do become unsightly with age. Many of our customers have chosen to remove the storage heater and replace it with a white glass infrared heating panel. An electrician can very simply wire the new heater back into the original heater switch and add a simple timer or thermostatic programmer to give the user much greater flexibility of controlling the heating.

  • Smart and elegant design
  • Just 2.5cm deep
  • Greater flexibility of controlling the heat
  • Low energy consumption
  • Change your energy tariff to a lower daytime rate

Customer Review. CY in Stockport has been doing just that. Over time the storage heaters have been removed and white glass infrared heaters installed room by room. It doesn’t need to be a huge expense all at once! This bedroom is under the eaves and a rather awkward shape but the heating panel fits beautifully under the window, infrared rays can travel into the room to warm the floor, walls and furniture which will in turn warm the air. The old storage heater warmed the air which was instantly cooled by the cold glass window, such a waste of energy! The customer is very happy and looking to purchase more this winter in order to finally get rid of the last storage heaters.

infrared heating in yoga studioThe health benefits of infrared heating in yoga studios

Many of our customers will tell you that infrared heating does give off a nice “feeling” of warmth and they really like infrared, and from experience in our own homes and office we know that infrared heating is far more pleasant than hot air heating, we always keep the health benefits a bit low key, its not a miracle cure as some websites would have you believe but it certainly does help.  It seems common sense that as the infrared is warming the skin directly it will warm you more deeply and that if there is no change to the air conditions then it will alleviate the symptoms of hot dry stuffy air and fewer dust and pollen particles being blown around will reduce the likelihood of any bronchial problems. So we found this article from our friends at IR Heating in Canada very informative about the health benefits of infrared heating in Yoga Studios, with two lovely videos from the yoga enthusiasts themselves! And some smashing pictures of the panels fitted on the ceiling. Read the blog here.  IR Heating supply the same product as us.

Can infrared heat large open areas?

Yes if you position a number of infrared heating panels evenly across a large area, office complex, warehouse or fitness studio they will provide comfortable warmth with no hot spots or cold areas.

Multiheat have recently supplied a number of infrared heating panels into a warehouse building which needs to be temperature controlled to around 19 degrees constantly. A refurbishment company have been called in to install energy efficiency measures to reduce the overall running costs of the warehouse, measures such as highly insulated walls, reducing the ceiling height and therefore volume of air to be heated, insulation above the ceiling, and rapid roll insulated shutter doors all reduce the chance of the warmed air escaping or being chilled. For this warehouse of 284 square meters a number of infrared heating panels were evenly positioned across the ceiling, using a maximum of 20.4 kilowatts per hour, although when fitted to the programmer and thermostats we anticipate the heating system will use significantly less energy than this.

Infrared heating panels were chosen as an affordable and energy efficient heating solution for a number of reasons.

  • Affordable solution to purchase and install
  • No specialist installation required
  • Easy and fast to install with little disruption
  • Energy efficient for low running costs
  • Provides even warmth across the whole space
  • Heaters are safely positioned in the suspended ceiling tiles and not liable to damage from pallet trucks or movement of goods
  • No maintenance or annual servicing costs

Function room ready for infrared heatersThis stylish function room incorporates lighting and infrared heating panels on ceiling mounted framework- all ready for the heaters to be fitted. A stunning and functional addition to the room.

For businesses, offices, restaurants or schools for example, our heating panels are best fitted onto the ceiling, out of the way from accidental damage, freeing up wall space and not compromising the design decor, they can be fitted into a suspended ceiling, fitted directly to the ceiling or in this case in the newly refurbished function room at  Portmore Golf Club a carpenter has cleverly created this wonderful ceiling feature ready for the heaters to fit into.

To make this creative framework for infrared heating panels on the ceiling the carpenter has allowed space for air to flow around the sides and back of the heating panel and also allowed a large hole – where the cabling will drop through – as this will also allow any warmth to escape, preventing the panels from overheating, the small gap between the frame and ceiling also conceals LED strip lighting which can be programmed in different colours to match the mood and cCreative framework for infrared heating panel on ceilingolour scheme of the event! You can just make out the screws ready to clip and slide the heater in place, the heating panel will eventually sit at exactly the same depth as the lighting panels either side creating a flush co-ordinated  ceiling feature.

Portmore Golf Glub near Barnstaple, North Devon. A very relaxed and friendly golf club with beautiful dining room for anyone fancying lunch out and soon to have a smashing function room too!


2014-10-08 20.31.22After a hard day working out in the fields this little collie knows the warmest spot in the room!

Moss thoroughly recommends infrared heating!


Kevin Woodward and Heather Edwards

Multiheat – Why choose us?

When buying something off the internet how do you know you will receive just what you are expecting and receive good follow up service should anything be amiss? Multiheat have built a reputation for good customer service and honest practical advice over the past seven years.

Firstly, our website gives as much information as possible for customers to read about infrared heating, we want you to fully understand how infrared differs from traditional heating so that you can make it work most effectively and efficiently in your situation.

Secondly, we rarely sell an item without fully discussing the client’s needs and expectations, this might involve looking at architects drawings or photographs of the building and rooms, so that we are sure you will be happy with the warmth supplied by the heating panels. We are able to offer the support by drawing on our experience  of heating very different situations, from modern homes to old buildings, massage rooms to music retreats. We try to give practical advice too, we have come up with ideas for more decorative ceiling features in a function room, along with programming ideas for specialist situations like musical instrument rooms. We aim to work with you and come up with a heating solution that suits your needs and pocket.

Thirdly, we are always happy to deal with any of your concerns after purchasing the heater, whether that is a simple conversation with your electrician at the time of install, a programming query, or a warranty claim, we will always deal with your concerns promptly.

Multiheat – Why choose us? For good customer service and honest practical advice , working with you to achieve your personal heating solution that suits you.

Heather and Kevin

Customer review of infrared home heating panels

infrared heating panel in dining roomThanks JC for letting us know how you are getting on with the heaters bought from us in January 2013

“I bought the heaters in the UK (from MultiHeat) and decided they would work well in my house in France where I have oil fired central heating. The latter of course is very expensive to run so rather than have my central heating on during the day or when the house feels chilly I utilise my panels. In fact each is located in an area where we might sit or be during the day namely in front of the computer, the lounge or the kitchen. I have used one in the bedroom as can be seen. Each panel is actually hung on a secure picture hook and then a wire loop on the back of the heaters so they are easily taken down if required but they merge in quite well and I have not bothered to take them down whatever the season.

Typically in colder periods I will have the boiler come on for 30 minutes in the morning for hot water and a little central heating. Then after that I decide whether to have a panel on or not.

white wall mounted infrared heaterAt home in the UK I have a further 4 panels – a mirror one in the bathroom – so lovely to have a shave in front of a warm clear mirror. Typically I use a timer on the bathroom panel where I have an auto turn off after 30 minutes so set it before making my morning cuppa leaving the bathroom very pleasant and ready for my shower. If the sun is out then I consider it all free as I have solar panel for electricity. I then have a small model on the wall behind me in the kitchen so on chill days I keep warm in front of the computer.  I have a panel behind the sofa in the lounge and that is connected to a remote control and we use that throughout the year as and when we need it – sometimes in spring or autumn it’s actually cooler in the house than outside! I also have a small panel on little legs that I use in my ‘office’ and use as and when I need it.”

white infrared heater in kitchenSo, all in all I am most happy at the flexibility the panels give me to have heat or not without charging up the whole central heating system. I had been going to purchase a picture panel for the lounge (to replace the panel up and behind the sofa) but I admit however after first thinking a white panel will look odd in the lounge it does in fact merge into the room quite easily and we never even notice it. In terms of running costs then I all I can say is that I have never even noticed any increased cost – in fact my monthly DD in the UK went down this year! Of course there is a cost but certainly insignificant using the panels the way I have.wall mounted white infrared heating panel in bedroom