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One of the main selling points of infrared heating is that it doesn’t heat the air, it heats the objects up directly. With many traditional forms of heating it is all about convection of air. The air is warmed, the warm air rises, and as the cooler air drops it is heated and rises and so on, until the air around you is nice and warm and hence you are warm.

With infrared heating, the infrared is heating you up directly, transferring heat from the panel to you without the need for the air around you necessarily being warmed up. Again I use the example of a cold day with the sun shining – a bit like today here in North Devon – we know it is cold outside but the sun is warming our backs when we are outside and we can feel that warmth, but the air temperature isn’t warming up that much!

However, in an enclosed room, the infrared is heating not just you the person in the room, but it is heating the walls, the floor, the furniture, anything that it comes into contact with. Each of these items will in turn radiate a little bit of that heat back, and in between the air is also being warmed up. Not by the infrared directly, but indirectly.

In this way the room air temperature will increase, in fact it is said that the difference in temperature between floor and ceiling can be as low as 1 degree C giving you that all round feeling of warmth, but without the convection effect!

Because the infrared is continuing to warm you up, the ambient temperature in the room can be a few degrees lower than it would be traditionally as it that that is warming you and not the air!

So, does infrared heating heat up the air, of course it does, but not in the traditional convection heating way!

Our infrared heating panels are not fitted with a controllable thermostat and in most room situations a thermostat is probably not required, why, well because infrared heating is is an either on or off type heater, because it doesn’t heat the air up, nor is there a radiator to cool down there is little or no residual heat to keep the room warm once it is turned off.

The panels themselves modulate, switching themselves on and off to generate infrared and to give a relative constant flow of infrared heat to generate that feeling of warmth that you get when standing in the sunshine.

The description that I use is that on a cold spring or autumn day, you know it is cold, but when the sun shines on your back you feel the warmth given off by the sun, but as soon as it goes in you feel cold again. Well, the same effect is created by our panels, and once turned off the feeling of warmth can disappear quite quickly!

However, in a well insulated house, you may get to a nice background temperature and feel that the heat is no longer required and so a room thermostat will control that warmth better and so making our panels even more efficient than they already are!

A 600w panel will heat a room of about 12 square metres if placed on the ceiling in the middle of the room, and will use less than half a unit of electricity per hour to heat that room without the use of a thermostat. In a badly insulated room a room thermostat will provide no additional efficiency as the room will need the panel on all the time to produce heat (when the room is occupied) whereas in a well insulated house a room thermostat will provide additional efficiency by turning the panel off for periods when the room is considered warm enough!

To save energy, use a programmer with your new heating panels to create zone heating. Bedrooms, the sitting room or dining room will all get used at different times of the day, and when one is in use the other isnt, so why waste energy heating rooms that are not being used? New programmers can cost from as little £50 and are so flexible.

  • 4 set points per day (2 comfort – 2 economy), or 4 independent setpoints per day
  • 7 day programmable (each day can be set different).
  • Manual override and holiday mode

Infrared heating panels are ideal for zone heating, as once on, they only require a short period to warm you in the room, rather than heating the air. The air will be warmed as a secondary effect. Saving energy means lower electricity bills!

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Multiheat launch the new black glass infrared heating panel at The National Home Improvement Show at Earls Court, London this weekend. This new heating panel has a beautifully polished black glass surface which bounces light and reflects images, the panel appears to float on the wall creating a stunning and modern focal point to any room, it compliments our range of more discrete white panels for use on the ceiling.

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The National Home Improvement Show,

Earls Court, London. 30th September to 2nd October 2011

We shall be attending again this year with our infrared heating panels, preparations are underway! Last year was a great success, it seems more and more people have heard of the concept of far infrared heating as being easy to install and energy efficient to run.

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We’ve been busy sending out panels across the UK, Ireland and Europe with lots of satisfied customers.

Great!!! last night in Norfolk it was -3 degrees…we were in the house as normal, didn’t notice it was any colder! we have all our heating panels going on thermostats set at 20 degrees! The house is always warm. People who have visited can’t believe the ‘surround’ heat they produce. On any of my previous central heating systems, I would have had to turn the thermostat up to about 30 just to get warm!…I love it!”

“Over this winter period my heating bill has been noticably cheaper, the panels are great.”

“Its brilliant, it does just what you say in the blurb!”