Cosy Curve – Plug in portable infrared heater

Introducing the Cosy Curve our plug in portable infrared heater.

A small heater for hecosy curve infrared heaterating you personally not all the air in the room. This curved panel is self standing and very lightweight to easily move around the house or tuck under your office desk.

Rated at just 300 watts the Cosy Curve gives off an incredible amount of warmth to your legs and body, warming you directly, creating a lovely feeling of warmth, especially good for those who suffer from cold feet when sitting for long periods. This heater is very cheap to run, costing just a few pence per hour.

Many fan heaters and cheap electric heaters consume huge amounts of electricity and are very expensive to run as they are rated at 2000 watts! These types of heater use electricity to warm air which is then cooled by cold objects in the room and is drawn back into the heater to be rewarmed again. These heaters often make the room feel dry and stuffy.

The Cosy Curve – plug in portable infrared heater is suitable for topping up the warmth in a room or specific area within a room. This heater is very effective at warming people close by and will also help warm the air, as a stand alone heater it will warm a room of about 5 square meters, box room or study, and can also be used to top up warmth in a larger room.