Customer review of infrared home heating panels

Customer review of infrared home heating panels

infrared heating panel in dining roomThanks JC for letting us know how you are getting on with the heaters bought from us in January 2013

“I bought the heaters in the UK (from MultiHeat) and decided they would work well in my house in France where I have oil fired central heating. The latter of course is very expensive to run so rather than have my central heating on during the day or when the house feels chilly I utilise my panels. In fact each is located in an area where we might sit or be during the day namely in front of the computer, the lounge or the kitchen. I have used one in the bedroom as can be seen. Each panel is actually hung on a secure picture hook and then a wire loop on the back of the heaters so they are easily taken down if required but they merge in quite well and I have not bothered to take them down whatever the season.

Typically in colder periods I will have the boiler come on for 30 minutes in the morning for hot water and a little central heating. Then after that I decide whether to have a panel on or not.

white wall mounted infrared heaterAt home in the UK I have a further 4 panels – a mirror one in the bathroom – so lovely to have a shave in front of a warm clear mirror. Typically I use a timer on the bathroom panel where I have an auto turn off after 30 minutes so set it before making my morning cuppa leaving the bathroom very pleasant and ready for my shower. If the sun is out then I consider it all free as I have solar panel for electricity. I then have a small model on the wall behind me in the kitchen so on chill days I keep warm in front of the computer.  I have a panel behind the sofa in the lounge and that is connected to a remote control and we use that throughout the year as and when we need it – sometimes in spring or autumn it’s actually cooler in the house than outside! I also have a small panel on little legs that I use in my ‘office’ and use as and when I need it.”

white infrared heater in kitchenSo, all in all I am most happy at the flexibility the panels give me to have heat or not without charging up the whole central heating system. I had been going to purchase a picture panel for the lounge (to replace the panel up and behind the sofa) but I admit however after first thinking a white panel will look odd in the lounge it does in fact merge into the room quite easily and we never even notice it. In terms of running costs then I all I can say is that I have never even noticed any increased cost – in fact my monthly DD in the UK went down this year! Of course there is a cost but certainly insignificant using the panels the way I have.wall mounted white infrared heating panel in bedroom