Get the designer look with new electric heaters

picture panel infrared electric heater

Get the designer look with new electric heaters using modern infrared heating technology. If you are redecorating a room this spring, have you thought about changing the heater too? Old electric storage heaters or wall panel heaters are cumbersome and ugly, they become tired looking and damaged over the years, they are also  expensive to run too. Modern electrical equipment is much more energy efficient Рit has to meet new criteria which helps us all lower our energy use and become more eco friendly.

Whilst underfloor heating is great, as it frees up wall space, unfortunately it is just not practical for many homes due to the work involved, underfloor heating must have a good deep insulation layer underneath, so the heat rises upwards and not downwards. A cheap job will miss out the expensive insulation and the warmth from the underfloor heating will be disappointing.

Infrared heating panels fit on the wall like a picture – indeed you might choose a picture heater, or a mirror or a very stylish panel of white glass set into a brushed aluminium frame. This piece of decoration should be chosen as part of your interior design – but it is still your main heating system for the room!

Electric heaters require the cable to be hidden in the plaster of the wall and taken to an electrical socket, just like your storage heater does, this means your new canvas style picture will hang in pride of place, not looking like a electric heater at all! Your electrician can fit a thermostatic programmer discretely on the wall, so you can set the heating to come on and off, just when you need it. There are no lights, no switches, no noise from the infrared heating panels at all.

Get the designer look with new electric heaters, a simple square panel painted to match the decor and back lit with LED’s, or have a story of photos around a larger room highlighted by picture lights. The heaters become part of the decor.

Our polished white and black glass panels look stunning as modern art on the wall, polished glass is highly reflective and brings light and movement, similar to a mirror, the hidden fixings allow the panel of glass to float away from the wall allowing you to get the designer look with your new electric heaters.

Visit our shop to see the range of pre chosen modern pictures in frames, or send us a jpeg file of your favourite photo to be printed onto a canvas style heating panel. Give us a call and we can give you more information about what is or isn’t possible! 01237 451759