Hot yoga using infrared heating

Hot yoga classes at Pacific yoga, Bristol

Hot yoga using infrared heating panels.

Over the past few years we have supplied infrared heating panels to a number of fitness studios wanting to create a “hot” room. Yoga is performed in a room of about 36 –  42 degrees C. Due to the popularity we are finding a number of those original studios coming back to us for more heaters to be able to convert another studio ready for hot classes. If you are in London look up Yoga Centric or Triyoga, Soho. Bristol’s newest Hot yoga studio is Pacific Yoga near the city centre which also offers a lovely relaxing café too.

The reason for doing hot yoga using infrared heating is the warmth from the infrared panels feels just like warm sunshine on your body, soaking into the skin and promoting blood circulation. So, firstly you get the feel good factor of lovely warmth on the body rather than in the air alone. The movement of blood around the body helps to carry oxygen which then aides with deeper stretching and helps prevent tissue damage. The extreme heat also makes you sweat which releases toxins from the body. For the clients, the use of infrared heaters over warm blown heating is marvellous, as the air conditions are far more pleasant to breathe and the class becomes a more pleasurable experience and not a sufferance!

To get a room suitable for hot yoga using infrared heating requires an amount of planning, the ceiling must be around 2.5meters high to increase the infrared heating intensity, the room must be very well insulated to hold the warmth and an air ventilation unit is required, to extract stale air and bring in warm fresh air. The humidity also needs to be regulated to extract all that hot sweatiness and keep the room fresh. Surfaces need to be washable to keep the room hygienically clean. Fresh air is vitally important for those doing exercise! Most studios maintain the hot temperature all day for all their classes, so these might be yoga, or dance, pilates, spin.