New large mirror glass electric heater

Mirror glass infrared heating panel

New to our range of infrared heaters is a very large mirror. The new large mirror glass electric heater measures a stunning 60 x 120cm which will make a real feature in the bathroom, or bedroom, living room or even an office! At 600 watts it will heat a room of up to 12 square meters.

Our new range of infrared heaters have a warm surface temperature rather than a hot surface which is more suitable for family homes with smaller children who may not recognise the dangers of touching a hot surface. These new heaters combine infrared with some convection of warmed air to quickly create a warm and comfortable environment.

Our infrared heaters are made from bright clear 6mm mirrored toughened safety glass set on a metal backing box for durability. The mounting bracket is screw fixed to the wall and the mirror hangs from this which means it is easy to mount and far less fiddly than other manufacturers designs!

A mirrorĀ can be functional and practical, leaving your lower wall space free for furniture, and your heating solution discretely hidden!