New ranges of white infrared heating panels

Have you looked in our shop recently? We are adding new ranges of white heating panel ready for Autumn 2017

Cassette panels are made from durable steel with a matt white powder coated finish. Specifically designed for suspended ceilings in 60 x 60 and 60 x 120cm sizes. This panel has a hotter surface temperature and textured finish which increases the surface area by 2.5 times to make this design really effective even from ceilings as high as 4 meters.

Universal panels are made from tough stove enamelled steel for a robust finish. Specifically designed for wall mounting in busy offices, workplaces and homes, the surface is wipeable and easy to keep clean. Also suitable for ceiling mounting. This panel is also available in extra small sizes for tiny bathrooms, or under the office desk, church pew or even in a dog kennel, just to provide some targeted warmth in a larger place. This panel also has slightly textured finish for great effectiveness.

Eco panels are a modern design with a smooth white surface and aluminium frame, made from powder coated steel for strength with an attractive surface. Made in the Ukraine. An excellent quality product with a much nicer finish than some on the market.