new range of picture panel heaters

picture panel heatersHave you seen our new range of picture panel heaters?

A modern and bright image set behind glass and in a chunky anodised aluminium frame.

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300 watts for gentle warmth in a small room, or as additional  warmth in a larger room to supplement the existing heaters.


60 x 60cm square and sitting just 4cm in total from the wall.

Picture panel heaters – using far infrared heating technology

Ideal for the home office when warmth is required to one room and not the rest of the house. A picture heater does not take up valuable floor or wall space when required for shelving and furniture. Energy efficient to reduce your heating bills.

Perfect in the living kitchen above the seating for gentle warmth when relaxing. Infrared feels like gentle sunshine to directly warm the body.

Our heaters come with a bare flex for your electrician to hard wire to a wireless programmable thermostat or switch.  The cable can be chased in to the wall for a cable free look.

Ask us for a quote for having your own picture printed behind the glass.