4mm glass panel heater range

300 watt. 4mm Black Glass Infrared Heating Panel



Product Description

4mm Black Glass Infrared Heating Panel with chunky aluminium frame

Free delivery – To order, delivery is about 2 to 3 weeks

Black Glass Infrared Heating Panel – 300 watts

60cm x 60cm x 5 cm deep

The surface is black glass with chunky aluminium frame.

Fit to ceiling or wall. If your panel is mounted on the ceiling it will heat a room of about 6 square metres, fitted on the wall it will be less efficient and heat a room of about 5 square metres. *  When fitted on the wall some infrared energy is lost to heating the ceiling space.

*Heating areas – we anticipate a square or rectangular room of good quality modern construction. If your building is particularly cold or poorly insulated choose a larger heating panel and use a room thermostat to maintain pleasant warmth without wasting electricity.

Use a number of panels across the ceiling to heat a larger area. Be creative with your panels and lighting design.

NOTE: The current stock have a European plug on that we recommend is removed and the product hard wired into your system by a qualified electrician.

Technical Specifications.CE Mark MultiheatRoHS Compliant for infrared heating panel

Heating element – Czech developed carbon nickel technology

Front – 4mm safety glass  Reverse – Aluminium backing with mounting framework.

Voltage – 230V, 50Hz. Standard 1 metre electrical cable.

CE Certification

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.

Made in the Czech Republic for the UK market.

2 year warranty.