Central control unit for thermostati programmer

Central control system – Master touch panel



Product Description

Central control unit for thermostati programmerCentral control system for infrared heating panels providing flexible heating across a number of zones.

The Master touch panel gives you convenient central control of heating your whole home or business. Purchase one master touch panel and add on one switching unit per zone or switching unit and thermostat per zone if you wish to have different temperatures in each zone.

A modular system which can be added to for future expansion.

Wire free installation between control system and thermostats. Reduces wiring costs and disruption, no redecoration required.

Simple installation and set up.

Maximise comfort and efficiency of your heating panels.

To order – delivery approx two weeks.

Diagram for wiring centrl control thermostatic programmerOur Central Control System is designed to be used with underfloor heating, electric heating or infrared heating panels. The master touch pad can be conveniently situated within the home for easy access. Each heater or combination of heaters wired together will require a receiver switching unit, this simply relays the message to turn the heater on or off. In addition, a thermostat can be added to each room or zone which will monitor air temperature to again turn the heaters on or off, this is especially useful in homes where the North side of the house always feels cold and the south side becomes very warm when the sun shines in on a winters day, or, for businesses who want to maintain different temperatures in different areas, the reception desk becomes cold when the doors open and close and needs the heating to boost up the temperature, the office needs to be comfortable, the kitchen can be cooler, the store room must maintain a constant temperature day and night. This system can be adapted to suit your heating needs, the master touch panel is very easy to operate, making it a simple process to alter the heating in any one area and save energy!