cosy curve infrared heater

Cosy Curve Personal Portable Heater


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Product Description

Cosy Curve Infrared Heating Panel.

Perfect for those who suffer from cold feet and legs! A plug in energy efficient electric heater.

Your own personal stand alone infrared heater.

Just plug in, and switch on this little heater and warm yourself! Infrared is a lovely feeling of warmth.

Just 300 watts – very cheap to run

Ideal for under the office desk or close to your armchair, direct warmth straight to you, infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body just like very gentle sunshine.

A great plug in energy efficient electric heater. Very lightweight for moving around the house where ever you need it. Please allow a few minutes after unplugging the heater for it to cool down before you touch it. The heater front does get hot.

Measures  51cm high x 56cm across and 12cm depth

With long cable and UK plug fitted. 300 watts