Infrared panel feet

Feet for the white framed panel heater



Product Description

Feet will be posted.

Feet can only be attached to our smaller standard white framed heating panels to create a floor mounted heater. They do not fit any other range of heaters.

Feet can be attached to a 300, 350, 400 or 600 watt panel provided the heater is mounted horizontal. The white frame slots into the matching white feet.

Place the heater in a safe position to avoid risk of the heater being accidental knocked.  Tall panels can be top heavy and risk falling if knocked – therefore panels must be horizontal.

Please remember the surface will become hot, just the same as any other heater, there are no warning lights, the heater must be switched off for some time before moving or handling.

Floor mounted heating panels will heat a smaller area than stated simply because the infrared rays are not able to reach across the room as effectively as when placed on the ceiling. Floor mounted heaters are perfect to help warm one person as a localised heat source in a larger area, ideal under the office desk, or close to an armchair.

Image for demonstration purposes, panel not included.