High Temperature Heater 900 watt

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Product Description

High Temperature Infrared Heater for ceiling mounting. 900 watts

For use in cold environments where a space heater would be uneconomic.

155 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm deep plus allow space for the wall brackets and 8.15kg in weight

The heater is off white and grey powder coated metal

This heater has a hot surface temperature and therefore must not be used where it could be touched. For localised direct warmth fit around 3meters high. Guards are available separately to protect the surface – especially useful in village halls where balls might be thrown upwards!

Ideal for use in gyms, sports halls and hot yoga studios, garden offices, workshops, shop or cafe.

NOTE: As a commercial infrared heater this product must be hard wired into your system by a qualified electrician and either fitted with an on/off switch, timer button, thermostat or programmer.


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