Hybrid infrared convection wall heater

Ceramic infrared heater 375watts Wall mount



Product Description

This luxury ceramic wall panel heater provides both infrared and convection of warm air to comfortably heat your home or office. Very energy efficient to help lower your winter fuel bills.

Hybrid – an innovative development in the field of infrared heating, which will allow you to create comfort heating at a reduced cost. Hybrid heating combines rapid heating of the air and objects within the room.

The front of the panel becomes hot to give off infrared energy and the back also gives off warmth creating a very gentle convection of warmed air, there are no fans, no noise and no dust.

375 watt to heat a room of 5 to 7 square meters or place a number of heaters around a larger room. Only available in this one size.

Lower surface temperature. Suitable for use low on the wall or when replacing a storage heater. This heater becomes hot when in use but is not as hot as other infrared heating panels. A separate glass cover is available for use in places where people with impaired abilities may touch the heater surface.

Panel measurements. 60cm x 60cm x 1.2cm. The ceramic wall panel heater sits away from the wall on slender black brackets, in total measures 7 cm from the wall to the front of the panel.

All our heaters are designed to be installed by an electrician to a switch, timer or thermostatic programmer. Heaters can be connected in series where more than one is required per room. This product comes with an EU plug which must be cut off. This product has been widely available in Europe for many years.

Technical Specifications.

Front – Luxury white ceramic  Reverse – Black backing with mounting brackets.
Voltage – 230V, 50Hz. Standard electrical cable.
CE Certification

Front surface temperature 65 – 70 degrees C Creating gentle infrared

Rear side surface temperature 80 – 85 degrees C providing warm air flow

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Weight 11kg
Made in the Ukraine
2 year warranty.