compact infrared heater for cold palces

Compact infrared heater for cold places



Product Description

The compact infrared heaters for cold places are designed to heat people in very cold places like churches or village halls, industrial units or factories, farm buildings or workshops. It will not try and heat the air because this would be impossible and wasteful in this type of environment, however people will feel lovely and warm.

This heater uses shortwave or near infrared which cuts through cold air to provide direct and powerful warmth on people.

Near infrared heaters provide instant heat, from the moment the orange lamp comes on! There is also no cool down period, because it is only giving off infrared energy which can be felt on the body. The quality lamp is replaceable at the end of its lifetime, however many are still working long hours after ten years use.

The compact infrared heater for cold places is manufactured from extruded aluminium making it lightweight yet very robust. The design allows any unwanted heat from the hot lamp surface to dissipate away from the heater body to prolong the lamps life and also preventing heat build up around the heater. The special wide angled reflector  directs heat outwards most efficiently and creates an effective and instant heat source.


Please talk to us to discuss your project. This heater can be made up into larger units, doubles, fours or eights to work in large buildings. We recommend more smaller units are better than one large one.

This heater will give off an orange light glare, if your cold place is reasonably insulated and you do not like the orange light then please look at our compact heater for indoor places or the white industrial heaters.