heated mirror

Mirror GSM range. 300 watt 6mm glass infrared heating panel



Product Description

New range of heated mirror from a leading manufacturer in the Ukraine. Supplier to the European market for almost 40 years

6mm toughened safety glass with gently rounded corners set onto a box style steel framework which holds the mirror well away from the wall, giving a lovely floating appearance. With a  slightly lower surface temperature than our other mirror heaters, yet still highly effective.

Easy fit mounting bracket. Simply screw fix the bracket onto the wall then hook the heater into place and secure tightly. In total allow 5cm from wall to front of heater.

300 watt. 60 x 60 cm size

Manufactured onto a steel backing plate for durability.

For heating a room up to 6 square meters as the only heating source, in a well built and insulated building, or for additional heating in a larger bathroom to be used in conjunction with heated towel rail or underfloor heating.

Heated mirror – also great in hallways, entrance porch, dressing rooms or above a reception desk.