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About us. Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Infrared Heaters

Multiheat are infrared heating specialists, we supply to builders, electricians, solar panel installers and to the home and business owner. Our product range should be seen as part of a bigger picture of home improvements to help save energy and have a return on investment over a short period of time. Our heating panels are compatible with solar PV installations.

Infrared heating feels really nice – that is the one comment all our customers make, and that is not something we would normally say about our central heating!

Multiheat have been specialising in selling infrared heaters since 2007. An opportunity arose from a German manufacturer to market their product in the UK. During our first two years in business, coinciding with the downturn in the UK economy, infrared struggled to make an impact, partly due to cost, and partly due to the British reserve of being suspicious of new technology, however, things have really changed, we are all far more excepting of new technology and take for granted that it will work and do just what everyone says it will! Infrared heating is now the preferred option for many larger businesses looking for an easy to install heating system where energy consumption can be monitored and maintenance costs minimised, in fact this also applies to many homeowners too – there is a great Government push to make us all aware of our energy use, especially with the advances in smart meters and now smart thermostats, and battery storage,  we can all monitor our energy use to lower our fuel bills and help make a greener world.

In 2009 we were approached by an established Austrian company to market their infrared panels. These panels were manufactured in China to all the European quality regulations and certificates, designed for use here in the UK as well as all across Europe. The price came into reach of the average consumer rather than that of the well off. We also liked the fact that the design and technology was still European based which gave us plenty of confidence. On testing the product we found it to produce just as much warmth, as effectively and efficiently as the German manufactured products at a fraction of the price, with excellent reliability.

We have since been approached by a number of companies who would like us to market their products, however we do not deal with manufacturers who expect us to buy a one off container load, we only deal with reputable experienced manufacturers who can work with us and have a product of excellent quality, we now have such a large range of products we anticipate orders will be fulfilled either next day or maybe up to a couple of weeks. Our canvas style infrared panels and the Tansun compact heaters are made in the UK.

Infrared heating is a form of direct heating. Our most common form of heating used in the UK currently is convection heating, where cold air is heated up, rises and as it touches cold objects it cools and drops down to the radiators to be warmed again. It is the feeling of being surrounded by warm air that makes us all feel warm, but this system is clearly not an efficient use of energy. Any wet radiator system is based upon convection heating, as are the electric oil filled radiators and of course the very energy hungry electric fan heaters. Direct heat is different because it heats the human body and the structure of the room and objects directly, rather than just heating the air. The air does warm up but as an after effect of the radiant heat rather than as the main cause of the heating, when the air moves around the room it touches warmed objects which help maintain the warmth in the air, thus the heater does not need to work as hard.

An example of natural direct radiant heat is of course the sun, even on a cold day in spring or autumn when we know it is only 8-10 degrees centigrade, if the sun is shining we can feel its warmth, if a cloud gets in the way we can feel pretty chilly again. The warmth from the sun comes from the infrared end of the light spectrum, and our panels are producing the same effect indoors.

Heaters positioned in the ceiling? Well, infrared is part of the light spectrum and you wouldn’t put your lights on the floor. Even though they are the invisible part of the light spectrum you still need to bask your room in this invisible light to get the warmth to all four corners of the room. You can also fit the panels on the wall, at picture height rather than radiator height, which also helps free up the lower wall space for furnishings and gives a smart elegant appearance.

As a company, we pride ourselves in our good customer service, we are happy to provide practical and honest assistance to work out what panel sizes are required to heat up a room, a home or indeed a commercial application. Just give us a call.

Our office and warehouse is based in beautiful rural North Devon, we work online and by phone, we do not have travelling salesmen as this just adds to your purchase price!


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