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Meet us at the 361 Eco Fair 2018. Multiheat will be exhibiting our infrared electric panel heaters.

This weekend Sunday 28th October in the Pannier Market, Barnstaple.

A free event designed to provide information about all things energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

We will have a number of different designs of heating panel on show and one plugged in so you can feel infrared warmth for yourself, we might be busy as this weekend the weather is turning colder and the Pannier Market is not heated!

Is your central heating under control?

The Myths and Truths of central heating

Bedroom mirror heater web size

Many people in the past have just set their central heating controls to 21 degrees for roughly the time when they are in the house and leave it set the same all Autumn, Winter and into Spring, however, with the recent big push to make us all more energy aware there are lots of things we can do differently to save ourselves energy and fuel costs.

Do not whack the thermostat dial round to 30 and expect the room to heat up any quicker!

Your radiators (no matter what form of central heating you use) have a set ability to heat up, they run at a predetermined temperature, by whacking the thermostat dial around the radiators can not double their output, they do not normally run at half measures just in case you decide that one snowy day you want double the amount of heating, they can not suddenly increase in power.

The purpose of the thermostat dial is to switch the heating off when the room reaches the set temperature. So by increasing the setting on the thermostat you run the risk of wasting energy by having the house unbearably hot.

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Does your thermostat give a true reading?

Sometimes thermostats are positioned in odd places which means their reading is not a true representation of the temperature in the whole room. If the thermostat is placed on a cold exterior wall it will always be chilled and give a cold reading, or if a thermostat is in bright sunshine near a window it will give a high reading. Thermostats fixed onto the heater can only give a reading of the air around the heater.

Play around with altering the settings on your thermostat and find what feels comfortable, rather than being fixated with “it must be 21 degrees”. By lowering the temperature by just one degree makes a huge difference on your energy bill.


If you want the room to heat up quicker then change the programmer so it comes on earlier!

In the recent cold snap, your rooms may have become colder overnight, so when you wake up the house still feels chilly -so change the programmer.
Your home takes longer to heat up from a colder starting point. Change the settings on your programmer according to the weather conditions.


Only heat the house when it is occupied

Noooo! Only heat the house fully when it is occupied, in very cold weather it is better to leave some background warmth in an empty home, leave the central heating on but turn the thermostat down to maybe 16 degrees, just so the temperature does not drop too low. When walls become very cold they take a long time to warm back up, so it makes your room feel chilly. Thermal imaging here shows good insulation in the loft but the walls are warm from a lack of insulation and heat loss from the warmed house.

A cold house is not good for your health or well being.

Allowing walls to become cold then subjecting them to warm air creates condensation which leads to black mould. The NHS sees a large increase in patient numbers due to cold/poor living conditions in the winter months, ailments attributed to changes of air quality, extreme heat and stuffyness in one room to cold and damp in other rooms. Condensation and black mould agravate bronchial conditions. A very cold house affects our mental state and out look on life.


Yes you can change the programmer on an old heating system

Whilst it may not be feasible to rip out your old heating system and replace it with something more energy efficient, you should at least be able to renew the thermostatic programmer. Modern thermostatic programmers are highly accurate and flexible, so you have much better control of your heating and energy use. Ask your local central heating engineer to take a look.

If you know someone who is struggling to heat their home and keep comfortable over the winter then please get in touch the LEAP Project,  their friendly staff actively help to bring about changes in a persons circumstances to make life better, that might be changing light bulbs to new LEDs, adding some insulation, or by changing gas and electric tarrifs over, funding or loans are available to get new heaters installed. They are there to really support someone who is struggling, and make a difference to their winter misery.

Christmas opening hours 2017 for infrared heaters.

The office will close on Friday 22nd December at midday and not reopen until Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

We wish all our customers and stockist a very happy and peaceful Christmas holidays.

During this time emails will be monitored and anything urgent will be acted upon.

We keep some heating panels in stock for next day delivery however during December the courier companies are very busy, and next day can not be guaranteed. We would rather not send items out after the 18th of December and over the holiday period, but if we do, then we will try and keep in touch as to when your items will be delivered.

There are no deliveries in from the European manufacturers between now and early January. Our deliveries come via containers on lorries which can be delayed at ferry ports and docks due to the bad weather and backlog from the Bank Holidays!


Bedroom mirror electric heater

Most homeowners with solar panels only use about half of the energy they produce, the rest goes off to the grid, however, there are now many new energy efficient electrical products and battery storage solutions coming onto the market whereby that electricity can be stored for use later in the evening when demand is higher. For those on a Generation Tariff that means more free energy but also reduces carbon emmissions and helps protect our environment, so we should look to see how we can use more of this solar generated electrical energy.

New technology in the field of electric heating brings us very energy efficient heaters which use very little power, these neat panel heaters can be left on all day and evening drawing low wattage to gently warm one room or the whole house depending on your solar array. Infrared heating panels can be easily retro fitted to a room to run alongside the current central heating system or as a stand alone heating solution.

The large wall mirror electric heater is very popular being attractive and functional!

Now that Spring is on its way, many of us will consider turning off the main central heating, however, some warmth to individual rooms is still necessary, even through the summer months too.

An affordable electric heater in the form of a mirror is a simple way to make your home more comfortable whilst using that self generated electricity.

A 600 watt infrared heating panel will warm a room up to 12 square meters as the primary heat source, that could be your kitchen/ living area or a home office. Infrared works very differently to traditional storage heaters or wall panels which simply warm the air, infrared energy from the panel heater warms people and surfaces directly, once these are gently warmed they give off heat to warm the air, the air stays warm for longer. By warming the thermal mass of the room a more cosy and comfortable feeling is created at lower air temperatures. Further energy savings can be made with the addition of a programmable room thermostat. Heating panels come in a variety of wattages to suit needs or spare capacity and vary in design from plain white to stunning coloured glass and mirrors.

Now that the days are getting longer and solar generated electricity is increasing, solar panel owners should be aware of the new technology coming onto the market which harnesses this power for their own use rather than sending it back to the grid. An effective gentle electric heater combined with a battery pack can provide warmth to one room throughout the day and evening and are cost effective to retro install. An electric heater requires no maintenance or servicing and can be a valuable resource when the main central heating fails or is costing too much to run.




Small infrared heating panel on feet in a bedroomPhew, the Spring weather keeps changing! One minute it is raining and that makes everywhere feel cold and damp, then the next minute the sun comes out!

Well, if you have turned the central heating off, but are feeling cold on those odd rainy days you need a plug in energy efficient small electric heater, lightweight to move from room to room, and slim for storing away. But best of all, our little heater uses infrared technology, just like the gentle warmth we feel from the sun! Warmth that soaks into your body.

A 300 watt small panel heater costs a few pence per hour to run. Unlike those little fan heaters or electric fires which use something like 2000 watts!

Now on Special offer! 300 watt panel heater with feet RRP £220 now just £165 Visit our website shop for more information

Infrared panel feet

Aluminium feet to make the infrared panel portable.

The North Devon Show – A great day out!

Yesterday Multiheat had a trade stand at The North Devon Show, we exhibited a range of our infrared heating panels and talked to lots of different people about the new technology set to revolutionise the way we think about heating our homes.

Here in rural North Devon many homes are restricted to electric heating, there is no mains gas to the villages and not every home has the outdoor space to fit an oil tank or air source heat pump, plus those methods can prove very costly to install! We explained how even new storage heaters are wasteful of energy and not particularly user friendly. Infrared heating panels are very easy to install and the wiring and choice of programming can be entirely up to you, from a  simple plug and switch to fully wired up central heating programmers, it up to you!

As always we spoke to people who had very differing heating needs – we now have a range of infrared heater designs to meet all those situations, from cold churches, rented flats, old houses, large schools, little barn conversions, garden rooms and shepherds huts.

And if you visit Exmoor Zoo the monkeys use our infrared heating panels in their indoor enclosure! We had a chat with the keepers at the Zoo bugs and beasts stand at The North Devon Show and they said the monkeys were very happy last winter!

New plug and go infrared panel heater. £254.99

A simple idea for bringing cheap to run warmth to a room without the hassle and noise of cheap fan heaters or bulky electric heaters.

60cm x 60cm white panel with aluminium feet, a long 3 metre cable, and easy to operate thermostatic programmer.

Now that the weather is warming up and you don’t really need the full central heating on, this neat heating panel can be plugged into the living room, bedroom or office just to provide a little extra warmth. Feel that gentle infrared warmth on your body – similar to sitting in the sun, now inside your home!

The thermostatic programmer can be set to come on and off as your day suits, no need to worry about leaving the heater on and wasting electricity. The thermostat will turn the heating off once the desired room temperature is achieved.

Slimline design for easy storage when you no longer need the heater.

Available from stock with a 4 to 7 day delivery time.

Did you know that electric heaters are not currently tested on the EU energy efficiency ratings reports for domestic electrical equipment?

The EU regulations currently state that only the following appliances need to be tested

  • Washing machines, washer-dryers and tumble dryers
  • Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Electric ovens
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • Air conditioners

You will have seen the rating system of A to D with many manufacturers improving the efficiency of their products and gaining A* ratings which is brilliant for energy conscious home owners wanting to lower their fuel bills.

It is very difficult to compare electric heaters because they have very different attributes for different purposes and situations and so one set EU test would not show the true benefits of each type of product.

Small fan heaters are excellent for instant short term warmth, they use a lot of electrical power to blow hot air into a space. But for all day warmth they would be hugely expensive and wasteful as the warm air is constantly cooled by the cold surroundings.

Storage heaters are excellent for those at home requiring gentle constant warmth, but as they consume cheaper night time electricity to really get the benefit, all other electrical items should be set to run in the night too, this is not always practical. To top up warmth when the stored heat has gone uses the more expensive day time rates and at a high consumption level too.

Halogen portable heaters and wall mounted convector heaters are a cheap and easy solution but they are unsightly and have a short lifespan. They generally are quite high wattage and therefore consume higher levels of electricity.

Infrared heating panels can be installed to give timed and temperature controlled heating to one room or the whole house, allowing you flexibility and control over the energy use. The energy consumption per heater is very low and reduces lower once the room is warm. Infrared warms people and objects so once they are generating warmth the heater does not have to work so hard and its energy consumption drops. Infrared heaters can work for instant warmth or all day comfort at an energy efficient rate.

Multiheat donate to charity.

From every sale of a heating panel or programmer Multiheat give a donation to a charity working to support families around the world, by simply providing a fruit tree and the tools to tend it, our donation will feed the family an important healthy and nutritious part of their diet, any surplus can be sold to provide an income and improve the families chances in a difficult world. For young children these are vital nutrients to aide growth and development.

We also assist with building school gardens and education about the environment we live in and how to carefully maintain it.

In November we gave 115 fruit trees to poor families across the world.

Win an Infrared Heating Panel with Real Homes Magazine online

To be in with a chance of winning a 600 watt white carbon fibre heating panel, just answer a simple question (the sun!) and leave your address details. The winner will be drawn later this month. Good luck!