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Thank you to all those who entered our competion with Real Homes online magazine, we had hundreds of entries! Ursula was pulled out as the winner, she was really thrilled to have won a competition and is looking forward to making good use of her prize in the chilly evenings of autumn.

The National Home Improvement Show,

Earls Court, London. 30th September to 2nd October 2011

We shall be attending again this year with our infrared heating panels, preparations are underway! Last year was a great success, it seems more and more people have heard of the concept of far infrared heating as being easy to install and energy efficient to run.

We have just put up a new competition with Real Homes Magazine online, to win one of our 600 watt panels, please enter at

We’ve been busy sending out panels across the UK, Ireland and Europe with lots of satisfied customers.

Great!!! last night in Norfolk it was -3 degrees…we were in the house as normal, didn’t notice it was any colder! we have all our heating panels going on thermostats set at 20 degrees! The house is always warm. People who have visited can’t believe the ‘surround’ heat they produce. On any of my previous central heating systems, I would have had to turn the thermostat up to about 30 just to get warm!…I love it!”

“Over this winter period my heating bill has been noticably cheaper, the panels are great.”

“Its brilliant, it does just what you say in the blurb!”

The VPhase device is a new addition to our shop, we feel it complements our energy saving ethos. VPhase is a device that reduces and manages voltage coming into your home ensuring your electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run.