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picture panel heatersHave you seen our new range of picture panel heaters?

A modern and bright image set behind glass and in a chunky anodised aluminium frame.

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300 watts for gentle warmth in a small room, or as additional  warmth in a larger room to supplement the existing heaters.


60 x 60cm square and sitting just 4cm in total from the wall.

Picture panel heaters – using far infrared heating technology

Ideal for the home office when warmth is required to one room and not the rest of the house. A picture heater does not take up valuable floor or wall space when required for shelving and furniture. Energy efficient to reduce your heating bills.

Perfect in the living kitchen above the seating for gentle warmth when relaxing. Infrared feels like gentle sunshine to directly warm the body.

Our heaters come with a bare flex for your electrician to hard wire to a wireless programmable thermostat or switch.  The cable can be chased in to the wall for a cable free look.

Ask us for a quote for having your own picture printed behind the glass.



Small infrared heating panel on feet in a bedroomPhew, the Spring weather keeps changing! One minute it is raining and that makes everywhere feel cold and damp, then the next minute the sun comes out!

Well, if you have turned the central heating off, but are feeling cold on those odd rainy days you need a plug in energy efficient small electric heater, lightweight to move from room to room, and slim for storing away. But best of all, our little heater uses infrared technology, just like the gentle warmth we feel from the sun! Warmth that soaks into your body.

A 300 watt small panel heater costs a few pence per hour to run. Unlike those little fan heaters or electric fires which use something like 2000 watts!

Now on Special offer! 300 watt panel heater with feet RRP £220 now just £165 Visit our website shop for more information

Infrared panel feet

Aluminium feet to make the infrared panel portable.

Outdoor infrared heater

Well today the sun is shining and it really feels quite warm in the sun, despite the frost this morning! and so many of us want to make the most of it, whether that is sitting outside the local cafe just for coffee or an impromptu lunch with friends. Despite the cold, an outdoors infrared heater makes this possible!

Businesses can expand their seating area and times the outdoors area can be used by adding a good umbrella and some far infrared heating, a small cost for the added income potential. Infrared heaters provide comfortable warmth from a small amount of energy, in fact the energy could be generated by your solar panels!

More and more of us are enjoying the outdoors, from sitting with a coffee watching the world go by outside a cafe, to eating a meal outside a restaurant or in a tranquil pub garden. These are now possible all year round thanks to infrared heating.

Elegant heaters are slim and unobtrusive, they provide plenty of comfortable warmth without being overpowering. Heaters can be operated by a simple timer switch and are cheap to run.

A black terrace heater using 1000 watts costing £220 will heat a table of four people in a protected undercover area. Running costs are one unit of electricity per hour so around 15p depending on your tariff . The return on investment will be fairly fast as customers enjoy the warmth whilst sitting outdoors. There are of course many summer evenings too when the added benefit of outside heating will draw customers to extend their time relaxing and drinking outside as the sun goes down.

Industrial heaters used in a Grade II listed buildingIndustrial and Terrace heaters can be used indoors too!

We have installed our white industrial heaters into a Grade II listed building which has been opened up into a large expansive office, surrounded by tall original single glazed sash windows which constantly feel cold. The white bar heater fits neatly on the ceiling and the extra power available quickly heats the staff, each heater is 1200 watts. Our largest panel heater at 700 watts simply would not have been powerful enough to reach from the high ceiling.

Industrial or elegant black terrace heaters can be used in the home and business situation in those very large cold draughty buildings that seem impossible to heat because they simply leak warmth away as fast as you can warm the air.

Infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body, as well as warming walls and furnishings which give off warmth to heat the air, so over a period of time the whole room feels warm, and becausGrade II listed building now heated with infrared heatinge infrared does not create air currents there is less movement of air and therefore fewer draughts. This office is thermostatically controlled to maintain 19 degrees and the staff are happy to work in shirt sleeves even on this cold January day!

The neat design is especially useful in barn conversions with unusually high ceilings, Victorian buildings, gymnasiums and fitness studios, garden buildings, village halls, shops and cafes.




Hello everyone!
My name is Kate and I have recently been doing work experience at Multiheat as part of my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. During my time here I have been creating a leaflet about the products by using case studies of the heaters being used in properties around the area. I have learnt about the heaters and the science behind them, and I have experienced the benefits of them myself!

On arrival at the office I found that I as to be working in a farm building, which I expected to be cold, damp and musky. However, after going inside I could feel the warmth instantly from their own heaters. Over the course of the day I noticed more and more heaters around the room, which were disguised as a map and a board for notes, which shows how practical and discreet they are.

I went to the Philip Milton Financial Advisors office in Barnstaple to take photos of their heaters, and to see them working in a different setting, and they looked amazing; The shiny black panels reflected the chandelier just wonderfully! The mirrored panels also looked sleek and sophisticated in their waiting room. With luxury décor all around, they really looked the part.

After learning about them and seeing them in action myself, I would highly recommend the products to anyone! They really are a quick and easy solution to efficient heating, and they look great too.

Thank you for reading,

Your glass panel heater can be fixed low down on the wall or mid height like a picture.

Infrared energy is part of the light spectrum, so imagine your heater is like a torch shining light across the room, you want to bathe the whole room in light, not hide it behind the furniture! Panels can be wall mounted lower down and central to the room like the fireplace pictured or higher up at mid wall height above the furnishings.

Glass panel heaters have a striking polished glass front which is very reflective almost like a mirror, making the room feel larger and highlighting the furnishings it reflects. So, when positioning the panel make good use of this!

If you have removed a storage heater and are replacing it with an infrared panel the electrician can simply wire the new heater into the same socket point, but please make sure this really is the best place for the heater, infrared light energy  warms all the surfaces it touches, these then give off warmth to heat the air, so if the heater is positioned behind furniture or in a corner it simply will not be able to reach the whole room and therefore will not heat the room very effectively.

By warming all the surfaces in the room, walls, floor and furniture, infrared heating creates an all round even warmth, the air closest to the floor will be a very similar temperature to the air around the ceiling area and there is no circulation of air which causes draughts, the whole room will feel comfortable. Warm air systems like storage heaters and wet radiators work on the principle of blowing very warm air around the room causing a draught of cold air across the floor and warm air collecting close to the ceiling! So, please make sure your new heater is positioned fairly centrally to the room where it can bathe the whole space in invisible infrared light!

black glass heater wall mounted in fireplace

black glass heater wall mounted in fire place

black glass feature fireplace Wall mounted black glass feature fireplace

This festive modern fireplace has been created from one of our black glass infrared heating panels, positioned low down on the wall with hearth and mantel floating shelves made from oak.

The central heating in this room was a little inadequate and unable to get the room quite warm enough in the coldest part of winter.

An electric “fire” like this wall mounted black glass feature fireplace can be switched on and off as needed, especially on chilly summer evenings and those days when you are not ready to turn the full central heating on. This heater is neatly hardwired to a simple switch close by.

Care should be taken not to put anything on the hearth shelf which may become damaged when heated by the infrared warmth from the panel. Nothing should touch the front of the glass heater when it is switched on, as the glass itself becomes hot – just like any other heater or radiator.

white wall mounted infrared heaterA simple solution to bring warmth to one room when the central heating is off, is to install an infrared heating panel!

Often when we are home all day, we feel a little chilly but can’t justify putting the whole central heating system on, as this would be too costly on the fuel bills. An infrared heating panel uses very little energy so it costs just a few pence per hour to run, compared to cheap halogen or oil filled radiators which use probably three times the amount of electrical power!

Photo taken by JC in his house currently using very expensive oil central heating. The panels in the living room and kitchen help reduce the energy consumption of the home.

Infrared heaters are inspired by nature – infrared is the warmth we feel on our face on a bright sunny Spring day, infrared energy from the sun travels through air to convert to heat once it touches an object or person, so we can feel the warmth directly on us even though the air might still be cold, of course once all the objects, tarmac, stone buildings and earth become heated they then give off warmth to heat the air, so by summer that infrared energy is much stronger and the objects become hotter and so does the air, which is why towns often feel hotter than the countryside.

So how does that help warm me in my home? An infrared heating panel fitted close to where you sit is just like sitting in gentle sunshine, the infrared energy can be felt directly on your body helping to promote good blood circulation and carry warmth around the body, the infrared energy is also very gently warming the objects around you too which then give off warmth to heat the air, so you feel comfortable and surrounded by warmth. All from very little energy use, for example a 500 watt heating panel will warm a room of about 12 square metres, a kitchen, small living room or home office.

That’s just half a unit of electricity per hour to heat the room you are sitting in.

Once your central heating system comes on in the evening, it will take less time and energy to heat the room already heated, you could also turn down the TRV on the radiator and keep the infrared heating panel on – because we do know from experience that we all “love the feeling of infrared” warmth on our bodies!

Bedroom wall panel heater

Replacing storage heaters for infrared wall panels

Storage heaters become tatty and knocked about over time, they are such large cumbersome heaters that really do become unsightly with age. Many of our customers have chosen to remove the storage heater and replace it with a white glass infrared heating panel. An electrician can very simply wire the new heater back into the original heater switch and add a simple timer or thermostatic programmer to give the user much greater flexibility of controlling the heating.

  • Smart and elegant design
  • Just 2.5cm deep
  • Greater flexibility of controlling the heat
  • Low energy consumption
  • Change your energy tariff to a lower daytime rate

Customer Review. CY in Stockport has been doing just that. Over time the storage heaters have been removed and white glass infrared heaters installed room by room. It doesn’t need to be a huge expense all at once! This bedroom is under the eaves and a rather awkward shape but the heating panel fits beautifully under the window, infrared rays can travel into the room to warm the floor, walls and furniture which will in turn warm the air. The old storage heater warmed the air which was instantly cooled by the cold glass window, such a waste of energy! The customer is very happy and looking to purchase more this winter in order to finally get rid of the last storage heaters.



Mirror, mirror on the wall – are you a heater?

Radiators (6)Well actually, yes I am!

This 600 watt mirror infrared panel heater looks like a real mirror in this bathroom, providing both warmth and usefulness in a relatively small space. 600 watts of power uses just over half a unit of electricity per hour to run, and keeps the bathroom nice and warm even in those late summer mornings and evenings as we currently have where it is not quite cold enough to turn all the heating on, but chilly enough to want a warm bathroom.

An additional advantage of having a warm mirror is that steam doesn’t settle on it giving you a very usable mirror.

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