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Are there any health dangers when using infrared heating panels?

Infrared heaters work by radiation of warmth rather than convection of hot air. But what about the word “radiation” many stockists of heating panels will avoid this word as it encourages thoughts of cancer  but actually if we delve deeper into science we find that radiation can vary, there is harmful and harmless radiation. The term radiation simply means the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves.

We know that infrared waves do penetrate the skin which causes atoms to vibrate and this creates heat but as non ionising radiation this is harmless.

The important distinction is between high energy ionising and low energy non ionising radiation and I am pleased to say infrared heating panels are low energy and therefore completely harmless.It is the harmful ionising radiation which damages the DNA in cells which then may lead to cancer.

Infrared heating is a very natural form of heating, the sun radiates infrared energy and this is absorbed by our bodies to help promote blood circulation and therefore aide metabolism and repair. Heating panels emit infrared at exactly the optimum wavelength for absorption by the body to be most effective.

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Why do infrared heaters go in the ceiling?

Infrared is part of the light spectrum, albeit an invisible part, and so just like a light bulb you want to put it on the ceiling or at least high on a wall so that you can bask the room in light. You wouldn’t put your lights behind the sofa, so you would put your infrared heaters there either!

infrared heating panel fitted to the ceiling

A standard infrared panel in the ceiling

white, black or mirror glass

Multiheats range of glass panels!

Our range of glass infrared heating panels include the black finish, the white finish and the mirror finish!

The black & white finish come in two sizes:-

  • 800w which is 120cm * 60cm
  • 600w which is 90cm * 60cm

The mirror finish also comes in two sizes:-

  • 600w which is 90cm * 60cm
  • 400w which is 60cm * 60cm

These panels look quite smart and can be made a feature within your room rather than being hidden on the ceiling or behind a sofa like traditional radiators – hung at picture height, or higher, they will radiate infrared warmth across the room!

How much does infrared heaters cost to run?

If you take one of our standard panels, say a 600w panel (it doesn’t matter whether it is a glass panel or a carbon fibre one as they both use 600w of energy) then it will use 0.6 units of electricity per hour to run if it was in use all of the time. With a unit of electricity costing around 15 pence then it will cost you 9 pence an hour to run.

BUT…. and it is a big but…. the panel will not be on for a full hour. The panels will modulate, that is, once the panel gets up to its operating temperature it will turn itself off, but still produce infrared. Once it cools down to stop generating infrared it will turn itself on again. It might be running for as little as 33% of the time reducing the running costs to just 3 pence an hour. Now, that is in a perfect world, and will depend on many variables like where it is situated, the ambient temperature of the room, draughts blowing across the panel etc. but you get my drift, it will use less than 0.6 units of electricity per hour.

If you use a thermostat controller that turns the panel off when it reaches a comfortable temperature in the room it will use even less electricity.

SO…. how big a room will that heater heat? Well, assuming the room is well insulated and the panel is fixed in the centre of the room it can heat a room of about 12 square metres (3 metres by 4 metres or 10 feet by 13 feet in old money) – that is quite a big room!

Is infrared heating efficient?

Of course it all depends on what you are comparing it with as to whether it is more efficient, and of course the variables that can be added to any equation will of course skew the results.

Infrared heating is efficient – it transfers energy directly from the panel to the objects (floor, ceiling, furniture, bodies etc…) without the need to heat the air first, and it is there where the efficiency comes. Traditional forms of heating use the convection system. That is, the air is heated up, warm air rises, coll are falls, is heated up and rises, the warm air that has risen cools and falls to be reheated and so the cycle goes on. The warm air that surrounds you makes you feel warm.

The efficiency of the air to heat up the surrounding objects is quite poor and therefore as soon as the warm air stops being warm you feel very cold again. Compare this to infrared heating, the objects in the room are warm, including you, and when the infrared stops radiating the room remains warm for a longer period of time!

Of course the air does heat up, but as a consequence of everything around it being warm, rather than it being the main reason you are warm.

Some examples – a nice warm room full of hot air and someone opens a window or door – the hot air disappears as quickly as you like and brr it is cold again – a cold day outside and the sun is shining, can you feel the warmth of the sun, that’s the natural infrared of the sun!

Another point to make – in a traditional convection heated room it can be as much as six degrees warmer at ceiling height than at floor height – to get the temperature right at the middle of the room you have to have the ceiling temperature higher as you wait for it to cool to the right temperature for you to feel warm. In a room heated with infrared, the difference can be as low as 1 degree.

That’s efficient!

Infrared heaters

Infrared heating panel

Make your infrared heater a feature! Why not, the sleek design of our standard infrared heating panels as in the picture above, or one of our white or black glass panels look good enough to be a centre point in your living room, dining room, or elsewhere in the house or home.

Infrared heating panels need to be placed high on the wall or on the ceiling to ensure that your room is basked in the infrared rays, and unlike traditional wet radiators that can be hidden behind sofas they look good enough to stand out!

Check out our full range in our shop today, try one out for 30 days (in the unlikely event that you do not like the infrared heating panel, send it back in its original packaging and you will get a full refund – the only cost to you is the return postage) and see how it can become a feature in your room!

350 rear view

The back of one of our 350w panels!

What does the back of one of our panels look like? All of our panels look the same on the back (different sizes obviously and the glass panels do not have the aluminium frame border) – the box in the corner is the controller, it has the safety cut-out switches to stop the panel getting too hot – the panel comes with 3 metres of cable – and there are two bars across the back with the cross holes in!

These holes line up with four screw fixings (supplied) and the panel just clicks and slides into place. There is a paper template to assist you in placing the four screw fixings in the right place. The fixings assume that you are going to fit the panel into a solid wall or ceiling and you may well need 4 special plugs if you are fitting into plasterboard or other board or wall. These are available from most hardware or DIY stores!

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Multiheat have a great competition to win one of our mirror finish infrared heating panels. Just answer a simple question and leave your details to be entered into the draw. Easy, and such a great prize. Heated mirrors are brilliant in the bathroom, lovely toasty warmth on those cold winter mornings, warmth that can be felt directly on the skin, allowing you to spend more time pampering yourself in the mist free mirror! Heating panels can be left on for long periods to maintain comfortable background warmth in the bathroom and help prevent condensation and mould growth.

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mirror finish infrared heating panel

mirror finish infrared heating panel

Small but perfectly formed……. our range of heaters.

Multiheat is an internet based company selling a small range of infrared heating panels, we believe we have selected a perfect range for our customers. Over the years we have trialled a number of heaters from various German and Austrian suppliers and have selected the current range for design appeal, quality, reliability and affordability.

Our customers are looking for an affordable solution to heating their home, office or business, we do not keep a huge range of styles or designs because there really is no need. We do keep panels in stock and ready for a quick delivery.

A small range but perfectly formed.

We have plain matt white heating panels for fixing to the ceiling – most homes have white ceilings and the panel just blends in to free up wall space for pictures or photos. Often one panel per room is required in the domestic situation.

Stunning white or black glass panels make a striking feature on the wall and work well with modern decor and especially with sleek office environments.

Mirror heaters are aesthetically attractive and functional. A mist free mirror and comfortable warmth in the bathroom, whilst also helping reduce condensation.

We can also source high temperature infrared heaters for those “difficult to heat” situations.

Our small range will not detract from your energy savings either. When the heater is fitted to a room thermostat regardless of the wattage of the heater it will still only maintain the set temperature and not waste electricity or over heat the room. In fact a larger panel will heat the room more quickly and the “feel” of infrared is stronger, which many of our customers really like. The “feel” of infrared is the same whatever the panel looks like!