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Multiheat. Infrared heating panel reviews by customers.

Reviews for 2018

Infrared heating for art studio barn conversion“Sparkies did the installation and the heaters work as promised so we’re very happy with our choice. Installation proved a little more complicated than expected due to the nature of the building and the requirements of current regulations but all is well.” Multiheat used the white bar shaped heaters as these are more powerful to cope with the high ceiling.  Art Studio in Devon.

Special Cats of Ayr, Cattery.  “I’ve been using Infra-red to heat our cattery for 27 years and wanted to have the same comfort for ourselves. We installed IR heaters on most home room ceilings and for the first time, our old cottage is warm and temperatures are easily controlled. I particularly like the (wall mounted) mirrors which are a a real talking point with visitors. When i wanted to install additional units in our office, staff bathroom and new cattery kitchen I called Heather as I liked the fast service I had received before. She talked me through options and makes. Our new heaters are easy to clean, quite easy to install and very controllable. I chose ones that can be set close on the wall this time. These will easily meet hygiene and safety regulations and keep staff cosy. Why should the cats have all the comfort?” Rosie chose the canvas style range as these can be fitted tight to the wall in the kitchen eliminating any crevices which might harbour germs. This British manufacturer also supplies a number of RSPCA centres for exactly the same reason!

Reviews for 2017

West Buckland Village Hall. North Devon. A typical rural village hall, made from timber with some insulation, well used by the community for regular clubs and activities but lacking in funding. We suggested our black high output heaters because these provide a gentle and comfortable amount of warmth as the room is heated regularly. An application was made to The Lottery for funding.

Users of the hall are very pleased with the feeling of warmth and tests showed the new heating system to be much cheaper to run than their previous warm air blowers.

Hot yoga studio with infrared heatingRebel Studio, London. Opened earlier this year running yoga classes in a lovely warm atmosphere. They specifically wanted far infrared heating for the health benefits – direct warmth to the body which promotes good blood circulation which enables longer stretches and faster tissue repair. Clients love the feel of infrared on the body and the studio always feel lovely and warm, but not hot and stuffy like some fitness studios become with traditional radiators. Our black glass heating panels on the black ceiling really compliment the studios stunning décor. “We’re really happy with the result aesthetically and performance wise.” “The panels produce a lovely heat.”

heated mirror

The small bedroom extension pictured opposite required electric heating, because the boiler and radiators could not be extended. The heater cleverly disguised as a mirror brightens the stone wall, this heater does not take up valuable lower wall space, and it looks fabulous too! “The heater is brilliant!”

Two bedroomed home completely heated by our panels. “We just love it. It’s brilliant, I can’t get over how different it makes the whole place feel. It’s not like the old storage heaters at all. We have one heater in the conservatory too where the dogs sleep, it just keeps the chill off and also reduces the condensation, the dogs like lying in front of the panel!”

Reviews for 2016 

Black infrared heater on beams“Our new infra-red heater has made a huge difference in our stone cottage. Within a few minutes the warmth can be felt and soon the whole room is at a comfortable  temperature. So much better than the noisy fan heater we used previously which created an unpleasant dry atmosphere. ” JS in Devon. The black high output heater was chosen as this barn conversion has high ceilings and the black heater fitted neatly along the black beam.

This garage has been converted into a well insulated hobbies room, a plain whiteelectric heater in extension panel was chosen to fit on the ceiling – it doesn’t take up any valuable wall space and provides a nice feeling of warmth when Keith is painting! “Neat & tidy unit, ceiling mounting a great space saving option, this heater is the icing on the cake for our hobbies room.”

Another happy customer! “We find the technology works really well with our PV – not too much of a power demand, but warms the room up in a way which lasts well into the evening even when they have switched off.” “Thanks very much for your help on this. Excellent service. “ RH in Monmouth

Stylish black glass wall panel heatersChoweree house is a Grade  II listed building which has undergone sensitive refurbishment into offices for a large company. The town centre property could not be altered by building works so modern energy efficient heat pumps, pipes and boilers were not a viable option. Electric heating seemed a good choice, particularly infrared, as the direct warming effect appealed to the staff.

The elegant decor and furnishings are complimented by the stunning reflections caught in the black glass and mirror heaters around the walls. glass wall panel heaters at reception desk

All the building is thermostatically controlled to 19 degrees, infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body and also warms objects and walls which also give off warmth so the whole place feels comfortable. The staff are very happy to work in shirt sleeves even in winter.

Industrial heaters used in a Grade II listed building

We have selected a style of heater appropriate for each area, so the meeting rooms are very stylish with glass and mirror heaters, the back corridors and staff rooms have more robust standard white heaters and the upstairs offices have functional high powered industrial heaters.


  Reviews of infrared panel heaters 2015

“Thank you so much for all this advice. So helpful. Very happy with panel and may buy more for other rooms eg kitchen. Will see how it goes this winter…  Best wishes” BC. Heating panel wall mounted in a flat.

“Thank you very much; the heaters are working well!” FB. To be installed on a narrow boat, to be used in conjunction with a log burner for heating the complete home.

“Thank you for sorting this you have been excellent!” NA. A heated mirror going out to a lovely new bathroom.

Portmore Golf Park, North Devon

ceiling heaters at Portmore Golf ClubFollowing the recent refurbishment of the entrance area, club bar and restaurant, and development of a new function room our infrared heating panels have finally been installed into the decorative ceiling which incorporates the down lighters too, all ready for the colder weather. Infrared heating was chosen as it was much more energy efficient than the current electric blown air type of heaters, the new panel heaters are safely installed on the ceiling losing the need for unsightly heaters and cabling and the associated accidents and storage problems! “We installed the heaters on a summers day and turned them all on to give it a trial, the heaters gave off plenty of heat, and the place felt lovely very quickly, the room thermostats have now been fitted so we can control the different  rooms depending on what is happening that day.”

Bedroom wall panel heater

CY. “Happiness is an infrared heater. I am very pleased with them and they seem to be dealing with the size of the room well. I put the newest one in our cold study knowing that it might struggle with the room size and outer stone wall construction. I was quite pleased and will decide this year whether it needs a friend to help it on a different wall. I am hoping to get one for a ceiling this autumn after we have had some roofing replaced and one for our bedroom. This will enable us to take out the last storage heaters but before that I must have the tariff changed.

Two bedroom terrace house –  completely fitted out with new infrared heating panels in the ceilings ofceiling heater in a bedroom each room and the old storage heaters removed.  The replacement of the heating system took just over one days work and required no redecorating afterwards. Placing the heaters in the ceiling has freed up valuable wall space.

Garden room building with infrared heater“We have used this new Multiheat system in our log cabin. It instantly heats up the whole place. It’s easy to fit & as you can see is very discreet. We would definitely recommend you.” Ricki V

Reviews from 2014

nealsyarbathshopfrontSee our heating panels at Neals Yard Remedies Shop and Therapy Rooms in Bath town centre. The heaters provide an unobtrusive means of creating comfortable warmth in a simply furnished, tranquil and soothing setting.

Ashtanga Yoga Exeter

Visit The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop, King Street, Exeter. A newly refurbished boutique yoga studio, the beautiful relaxing decor is complimented by our panels for heating and the health benefits of infrared.

infrared heating panel in dining roomThanks JC for the nice write up about how you use our heating panels in your home here in the UK utilising the free electricity from your solar panel and in your home in France where infrared gives you flexibility over the use of heating and therefore cheaper heating costs. JC bought a number of infrared heating panels over the spring 2013. Read the full write up on the blog.

The Salty Monk Hotel “We have now installed our 6th IR panel, this time as a bathroom mirror/ heater. Looks fab customers are in awe of their hot mirror! keeping the bathroom warm meant we could lose a heated towel radiator that cost a packet to run, the new towel shelf takes up less space is less obtrusive and consequently the bathroom looks bigger less cluttered and is warmer than before and costs less to run, all round winner..”

Lynn purchased heaters earlier last year “I am just emailing to say how very happy I am with my two infrared panel heaters I bought from you.  They are clean and efficient, silent and space saving too.  I am now considering one for my lounge….”

“The panel looks so cool and saves space. Everyone comments on it and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve mentioned your firm to my guests. Well done!” Steven

Reviews from over the past few years.

Bridge Christian Community Centre, Arklow, Co. WicklowBridge Christian Community Centre, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.


“We were so pleased with your service. We have talked them up with everyone who comes in, looks around and asks where the heating is!”

“We have installed Multiheat’s panels throughout our bungalow and can honestly commend their use by other home-owners. We intend to install these panels in the bungalows which our charity Kingdom Living intends to purchase and adapt and rent out to families having a member with a complex medical neuro-degenerative disorder. Kingdom Living Charity.

Read the details about why this charity chose infrared heating panels opposed to other forms of heating in this Pdf Kingdom Living testimonial.

“I can highly recommend the use of these heaters, we have them on the ceiling in our bathroom (600W) and toilet (350W), they provide a gentle heat and we have not had to use any other type of heating within the rooms. Both heaters are thermostatically controlled.” (seen in the picture)

“Previously we used a gas balanced flue wall heater in the bathroom which is rated as 3KW but this took ages to warm up and then the room got too hot as it was difficult to control.”  Grahem L. Devon.

“I absolutely love my panel. It’s near my desk so is brilliant for those cold early mornings. It feels like I’m abroad and gets me to a perfect temperature quickly without making the room uncomfortable with hot air. When I’m working with others they always comment on how great it feels. The radiator is on just to keep it ticking over. Definitely planning on expanding my collection. Thank you.” N

” My panel has been up a running for nearly a a week and I am very pleased with it. I will be giving it a good test and will be back in the new year for one of the glass panels to replace my last economy 7 heater which is now 20 years old and probably not that efficient.”

Kineton“Although I could not access the Victorian high ceilings in this room and found a mid-point to mount my panel high up on the wall, it hangs as if from the picture rail next to an aboriginal art picture…White Crane Dreaming. Indeed if I could crane it to the ceiling, it would disappear in the dreamy character of the room, but I savour the warmth of modernity of it’s sight down under the thin white line.”

Cost CutterCan you see the heating panel fitted into the ceiling in this Cost Cutter store?

Heating panels fitted over the doorway and till point are a cheap way of creating a warm feeling for the customer. Many small businesses simply cannot afford to run highly expensive air conditioning units. The staff love the new heating panels.

Bmyoffice - mirrorThe virtual business assistants are happy to show customers their new heating panels, smart black panels and mirrors match the professional office interior. Panels can easily be removed from the rented space.

Staff now work in a stylish and warm environment!

Period living room with infrared panel heaterThis panel has been in situ now for many years and provides plenty of warmth to this cold north facing room in an old period house. The radiator was hidden behind the sofa and just not big enough to warm the room, it is now turned off! A programmer ensures the heating comes on and off just the same as central heating, but provides greater flexibility to save energy when the room is not in use, an override button also means the heating can easily be turned on for chilly summer evenings too! The family love the feel of infrared warmth.

A simple solution for heating a spare bedroom. A small infrared heating panel on feet just plugs into the nearest electrical socket and can be left on for long periods when guests are visiting to give welcoming all round warmth in a normally unheated room.Small infrared heating panel on feet in a bedroom The customer is very pleased with the heater.

DJ  “Earlier this year we purchased a 600 W infrared panel which we have tried in the sitting room. We have been pleased with the performance and,  based on this experience,  are now planning to heat most of our rooms with similar panels, ceiling-mounted.”

B “Approximately one year ago I purchased one of your IR panels, I’m looking into the installation to all my rooms with this panel if you kindly let me know a price for 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms.”