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Infrared heating for businesses

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Offices  Nowadays, businesses havCost Cuttere to be more aware of their energy use, and green credentials, plus with fuel prices and maintenance costs increasing companies need to be able to budget for the future. Businesses have an obligation to reduce their carbon footprint with grants available to some for installing new energy efficiency measures. Infrared heaters provide an easy to install and energy efficient solution.

White infrared heating panels can be fitted into the suspended ceiling to provide a heating solution which is out of the way and can not be accidentally damaged or tampered with.

We work with you to find the right solution to meet your needs. If you can supply us with architects plans and room measurements then we can calculate how many heaters you will need in each room. Photographs of the building and rooms help us to decide which type of heater would be best and where to position them.

Black glass heating panel

A suspended ceiling is easy to work with. All your cabling is hidden away. At the end of a lease you can easily remove the heaters altogether or swap them around according to a new tenants use of the space.

Wall mounted heaters can provide additional warmth to staff in exceptionally chilly or draughty areas of the building, like the reception desk. Black glass heating panels look very stylish, or why not have your business logo printed onto the surface of the heating panel.

Infrared heating panels are successfully being used in a variety of workplace environments. We have provided heating panels into large NHS offices and small office buildings, public buildings and home offices, new builds and old conversions. Infrared is very popular with health and fitness centres in their main studios and in therapy rooms.                                                             Go to the shop

Standard white heating panelHome office.

With the use of the internet, working from home is becoming more commonplace, whether that is to reduce commuting time and inconvenience or self employment and a better work life balance, more and more people are working from home. In a modern home with a good heating system you may wonder if there is need for additional heating, but when sitting at a desk all day the body is not generating energy to make its own warmth, it is easy to feel chilly, a spring morning can be cold or an autumn day may feel damp, an infrared heating panel on the wall above the desk will provide almost instant warmth without creating the dusty and drowsy environment caused by small fan heaters. An infrared heating panel is cheap to run with a low energy consumption, it can be fitted to the wall and the cable cut short to the nearest plug socket, safe from being a trip hazard and appears smart and stylish.

Garden offices and log cabins

We have many happy and warm customers working from their own home office down the garden.  Please call us to discuss your requirements, as we might suggest a high output heater is better suited to your needs if you only plan on going into the office for an hour here and there!


Old buildings and listed properties.                         Go to the shop for a 850w heater

Industrial heaters used in a Grade II listed buildingOld and listed properties have many constraints preventing damage or alteration to the original building, our heating panels and high output heaters can be easily fitted to walls or ceilings and only require connection to electricity.

Infrared heating can help prevent damp and mould growth in old properties as the infrared rays will warm the walls just as the sun does in the summer. Warm walls will help dry out damp problems, however you may need to have the heating on for longer periods at a lower temperature, savings will ultimately be generated in reduced maintenance costs to the building. With traditional hot air heating, when the hot air touches the cold wall condensation is formed, this encourages mould growth. Infrared will warm the wall first, which in turn will warm the air, warm air on a warm wall will not cause condensation.



Shops, cafes and restaurants

We also supply infrared heaters with a higher output suitable for really cold places, particularly for providing warmth to people rather than trying to heat the air.

Heaters with no light glare that provide a powerful feeling of infrared on the body and that will warm the air if the building has some insulation.

Heaters with an orange light glare only warm people, they do not have any effect on the air, and are perfect for undercover outside. We can supply a full range including very attractive heaters with a low light glare for eating areas.