Multiheat supply infrared heaters from Herschel

Multiheat supply infrared heaters from leading British and European manufacturers with years of experience in this technology. We have been working with leaders Tansun and Ecosun for many years and are now proud to bring the Herschel brand on board too!

Herschel have made a big splash here in the UK with their excellent quality infrared panel heaters for homes and offices, as well as outdoor heaters for patios or factories, and those in between, like workshops and garden rooms that can be chilly. Herschel extends the range of styles and designs of heater we are able to offer, making sure we help you select exactly what is right for your individual needs and situation.

You might well have seen the Herschel brand whilst doing your research on infrared heating – they certainly know about infrared, and there is plenty to read on their own website too! Over the years Multiheat and Herschel have come to understand what works in the UK for our customers. Infrared heating is very different to convection heating and we want you to understand how to use the heaters effectively and to make your home more energy efficient, and hopefully to reduce your heating bills too! Choosing the right size heater for your room and positioning it correctly are crucial to a long heater life, a bigger surface area to wattage ratio is more effective and prolongs the life of your heater, so you will now see we tend to do 600watts in 60 x 120cm size rather than 60 x 90cm.

The Herschel Select XL range has been developed for the British market with quality components inside. Its the bit you can’t see which ensures an even surface temperature and long life!