Herschel infrared heater panel with towel rail

Bathroom Towel Rail 500 watts



Product Description

Herschel Select XL white glass infrared heater panel with towel rail.

500 watts.   Measuring 60 cm x 130 cm

A most beautiful addition to any bathroom! A specifically designed infrared panel to hold your towel and warm the bathroom.

With a warm lower half to warm your towel and a hot top half to heat your bathroom!

Designed to be fitted at mid wall height so the towel is handy to reach and the heater section is up high to heat the whole bathroom. The lower half is only warm and therefore safe to touch by children.

In the past, we have not recommended using infrared heating panels with a towel rail simply because it was a pointless idea – by covering the infrared panel with a towel you prevent any infrared shining across the room ( you block the light). Plus you also run the risk of the panel overheating and shortening its life span. Remember we always say infrared panels need good ventilation and space in front of them.