Clive Bailey photo heater

Canvas style. Bespoke picture heating panel from £305


Product Description

A canvas style picture which is also an electric infrared panel heater – bespoke service. Infrared heating panel made in UK

Have your own jpeg image printed onto a heater panel. From your favourite family photo, or one bought from a photographer or a business logo or image.

Functional and attractive.

Infrared heating panel made in UK
A bespoke made infrared heating panel manufactured in the heart of Britain by an established infrared heating manufacturer and designed by an engineer. This range of panels are not mass produced but individually made to order, delivery will usually be within four weeks.

A quality product made from high emissivity coated aluminium and designed to last. This panel has excellent insulation to the rear surface preventing any heat from escaping, it can therefore be fitted tight against the wall with no ventilation gap. You could also add a frame if you wish, but leave a small expansion gap as the heater gets very hot!

320 watt heater 30 x 120cm x 2.5cm  panel printed RRP £325

320 watt heater 60 x 60cm x 2.5cm  panel printed  RRP £305

640 watt heater 60 x 120cm x 2.5cm panel printed RRP 395

Technical Information

Front surface high emissivity coated aluminium

Rear surface highly insulated aluminium with no convection of warmth

Surface temperature around 90 degrees C

With overheat protection in bimetallic temperature trip

IP54 also suitable for bathrooms

Smaller panel 2.6kg in weight

Larger panel 5.2kg in weight

2 year manufacturers warranty

Conforms to Buildings Regulations Directive BS EN 13964 no heat is emitted from the rear of the panel and it is safe to position tight to an insulated wall or position a plain white heater in the suspended ceiling with loft insulation above.