Infrared ehating panel made in Britain

Canvas style 160 watt 60cm x 30cm



Product Description

160 watt heating panel.

A small infrared heating panel suitable for heating a tiny cloakroom or ensuite shower room. Or for providing a warm spot in a dog kennel rather like a large hot water bottle.

Measuring 595mm x 295mm with a folded back edge.

Mounting rails on the back for fitting close up tight to the wall or ceiling.

This panel has good insulation inside making it suitable for fitting tight to the wall or ceiling, but please make sure the wall surface is suitable for withstanding a warm temperature. (some plastic walling in dog kennels is wipeable but not heat resistant, whereas plastic walling designed for commercial kitchens will be able to withstand high temperatures.)

This panel is made in the UK to order, delivery will be around two weeks.Infrared heater panel