Infrared ehating panel made in Britain

Canvas style 640 watts 60 x 120cm



Product Description

Canvas style infrared panel heater 640watts – Made in the UK

A bespoke made infrared heating panel manufactured in the heart of Britain by an established infrared heating manufacturer and designed by an engineer. This range of panels are not mass produced but individually made to order, delivery will usually be within two weeks.
A quality product made from high emissivity coated aluminium and designed to last. This panel has excellent insulation to the rear surface preventing any heat from escaping, it can therefore be fitted tight against the wall or ceiling with no ventilation gap and is also ideal for the suspended ceiling.

640 watt heater 60 x 120cm x 2.5cm white panel

For heating a room of up to 13 square meters or combining with other infrared heaters to heat a larger space

Because this infrared heater panel is made in the UK we are able to offer further optional features at the time of ordering
Mounting rails for direct wall or ceiling mounting
Bolts for hanging the panel from chains from higher ceilings
No fittings when inserting into the suspended ceiling

Or, have your own photo or company logo printed onto the surface – just supply us with a good quality jpeg image correctly sized. Printing service an additional £100

Conforms to Buildings Regulations Directive BS EN 13964 – no heat is emitted from the rear of the panel and it is safe to position tight to an insulated wall or position in the suspended ceiling with loft insulation above.