Compact infrared heater for indoors

Compact infrared heater for indoor places



Product Description

The compact infrared heater for indoor places is designed for cold places that need a stronger intensity heater than infrared panels might give. An attractive heater with no light glare.

Perfect for village halls, shops, restaurants, cafes, or at home in the summer house, conservatory or workshop – an enclosed space but a cold starting point!

This compact heater has a ceramic element which becomes very hot and must be fitted above 2 meters high. This range of heaters is especially useful in environments where additional light is not welcome.

This heater uses longwave or far infrared which cuts through cold air to provide direct and powerful warmth on people and it will also heat the air overĀ  a period of time.

This heater is perfect for rooms that are in use for a few hours at a time as it will gradually heat the air as well, although we expect your room to be not very well insulated, so the warm air may escape, or be chilled by the thin or draughty nature of the building.

The compact heaters for indoor places have a rounded stylish shape, and are designed from extruded aluminium with a black powder coated finish, they are extremely lightweight yet robust. The design allows any unwanted heat from the hot ceramic surface to dissipate away from the heater body to prolong the heaters life and also preventing heat build up around the heater. The special wide angled reflector directs heat outwards most efficiently and creates an effective heat source.


Measures 402mm x 227mm x 112mm

Wall mount at 2.1 meters height and angled at 45 degrees downwards

Area covered around 4.3meters width and 1.9 meters from the wall

Please talk to us to discuss your project.

If you just want to heat the people in a very large cold place then we recommend out compact heater for cold places which uses near infrared and has an orange light glare, this form of infrared is more intense and will only heat people and not the air.