dog kennel infrared heater

Dog kennel heater


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Product Description

This small far infrared heating panel is suitable as a dog kennel heater, or for church pews, or under an office desk. This is a panel to supply gentle infrared warmth to a person or animal. It is not powerful enough to warm a whole room.

For wall mounting. One meter cable. No plug supplied as we anticipate the cable will be hard wired in.

I have two suppliers who manufacture heating panels specifically for dog kennels.

K+ range. Made from robust steel with a stove enamelled surface. This panel sits about 1cm away from the wall. 100 watts. Measuring 32cm x 50cm

Canvas style range. Made from lightweight aluminium with a painted surface. This panel can sit tight up against the wall. 160 watts. Measuring 30cm x 60cm


Dog Kennel Heater

Far infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body and is very comfortable gentle warmth. This product is designed to provide targeted warmth to an animal in a larger environment, rather like lying next to a warm hot water bottle or being in a shaft of sunlight. It is not intense like the orange lamps.

As with any electrical item, do not allow your animal to chew at the heater or electrical cables. You can build a wooden frame (picture frame) around the panel in case the dog may chew, just leave a few centimetres gap as the panel may expand or flex when heating up and cooling down.

You may need to experiment how close or how far away the heater needs to be to provide comfortable warmth. This is a small heater and the infrared energy will be felt quite close by as a localised heat source in an uninsulated shed or kennel. Your dog will want to lie close up to the heater, but it must be able to move away from the heat source if it wants to.

A thermostatic programmer or timer switch can be used.

Larger sizes available – please ask!