Infrared Heating Panel 300watt Framed Wall mount


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Product Description

Infrared heating panel for wall mounting

30 cm x 90 cm x 2.5 cm deep and 3.5kg in weight. Lightweight aluminium.

The front surface is matt white with a white frame

30 x 90 cm infrared heating panel is ideal in small areas of hallwayFit to wall, heating a room of about 5 square metres. Ideally the heater should be positioned mid wall height and not low down on the wall. Perfect for the small hallway, cloakroom or bathroom.

For use as complementary heating in a larger space, position close to you favourite armchair or office desk. Direct warmth on the body, ideal for one person who feels the cold more than others in the room.

*Heating areas – we anticipate a square or rectangular room of good quality modern construction. If your building is particularly cold or poorly insulated choose a larger heating panel and use a room thermostat to maintain pleasant warmth without wasting electricity.

Use a number of small panels across the ceiling to heat a larger area. Be creative with your panels and lighting design

The surface of all infrared heating panels becomes hot. Care should be taken where children or elderly people or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities may touch the surface. In this instance a ceiling mounted position would be better.



Technical Specifications.CE Mark MultiheatRoHS Compliant for infrared heating panelTUV Certificate for infrared ehating panel

Heating element – Austrian developed carbon nickel with nano silver technology

Front – matt white with white frame Reverse – Aluminium backing with mounting framework.

Voltage – 230V, 50Hz. Standard 3 metre electrical cable.

CE Certification and TÜV Rheinland, Germany.  TARIC 9018200000,  EN 60335, EN50366, NEN1010/IEEE

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Operating temperature 80 – 110 degrees C with thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.

Developed in Austria for the European market. Made in China.