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Controls for Infrared Heaters.

Controls for infrared heaters to maximise the energy efficiency and help lower your energy use and therefore your fuel costs, should be used in every room. You should play around with the programmer settings to work out what works best for you, remember infrared heating is different to warm air heating, it may take longer to initially warm the thermal mass of the building but then the rooms will feel comfortable at a lower air temperature than you might expect. Modern thermostatic programmers allow you to set a temperature for every moment during the day and night, so even during the day rather than turning the heating off you can set a maximum of 15 degrees, so if the sun comes out the heating will be off, but should the outside temperature plummet then the heating would come on to just maintain some background warmth.

With infrared heating you can often reduce the temperature by one or two degrees because the thermal mass of the room feels comfortable plus the infrared feels nice on the body too! Lowering the thermostat temperature saves energy.

Remember to change the times that the heating comes on as the seasons change. In Spring and Autumn you often do not need any heating on until the evening, but in winter you want the house to feel warm the moment you come in from work. Altering the thermostat times saves energy.



Our thermostatic programmers have the following features                        Go to the shop

  • 7 day programmable. Set up the heating for each day individually according to your lifestyle
  • 4 set points. Choose 4 set points throughout the day to provide you with not only a morning and evening “on” period but also a comfort or background warmth during the day if required.
  • Memory back up in case of power failure.
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature selection.
  • 12 or 24 hour clock.
  • Manual override.
  • Holiday mode.

Zonal Heating

Our controllers will allow you to wire in a number of heaters into one thermostatic programmer, this maybe in one large room/office or open plan living area of the house to create a heating zone. Time, thought and money spent at this stage can save you energy in the long term.

Isolater Switch

Each panel should have an isolater switch, this enables the electrical current to be switched off to that one appliance, as per electrical regulations, if the panel is ceiling mounted we suggest this is fitted at the top of the adjoining wall, ideally above light switches looks neat, or if the panel is wall mounted then the switch can be placed alongside or below near a plug socket.

Smart controls

Master control systems and smart controls will allow more complex programming of individual heaters and electrical equipment from one central point, allowing you even greater potential for energy savings. Smart controls are excellent for homes where the occupants use varies from one day to the next so the heating can be turned up or down by mobile phone message whilst away from the property.


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