Infrared heating panels for the home or workplace

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We supply a wide range of heaters from leading British and European manufacturers with 20 – 40 years experience in infrared heating development. 

White infrared heating panels From £185

Glass heating panels From £300

Mirror infrared heater From £285

High output infrared heater From £275

Outdoor infrared heaters From £275

Infrared heating panels

Enjoy the benefits of infrared in your home or workplace. All our customers say they love the feel of infrared heating, it is different to warm air heating! Read more.

Revolutionising the way we think about heating our homes.

Warming people and objects rather than the air itself

Thermostatically controllable room by room

Infrared Information

Under the tab “Infrared heating panels” on the menu bar are lots of pages of information about infrared and specific uses. What is Infrared? How does it work? Read more. 

Fitting an infrared heater. Read more

Home heating. Read more

Lower Running costs. Read more

Hot Yoga Studios. Read more

Garden rooms. Read more


High output infrared

High output infrared heaters are suitable for colder un-insulated buildings, places with high ceilings, or undercover outdoors situations. A wide range of products are available and not all are shown on the website shop.

No light glare for cold enclosed places

Aesthetically beautiful low light glare

Instant powerful orange light glare