Wi fi thermostat i8 for infrared heating

Wifi Thermostat i8


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Product Description

The WiFi thermostat for infrared heating not only allows you to control the heaters from your mobile, but is fully self reliant, just download the app and programme each of your heaters from any mobile devise,  meaning no need to purchase an additional router this thermostat does it all!

Simply download the app from the instructions booklet using your phones Q R scanner to allow your phone to link easily with your new thermostat. Add the app to other phones so everyone in the household can have control of all the heating or just their own room – ideal for a teenagers bedroom or home office which needs the heating on at different times to the rest of the house.

Multiple thermostats can be linked to one phone so every room in your house can be individually switched on and off from your phone.

Perfect for the busy family home or office where people come and go at different times each day, making traditional central heating times difficult to set! Programme the times and temperatures on the wifi thermostat for infrared heating in each room as you hope to use it, then simply go into the app to turn the heating up or down as you need it. Remember infrared heating warms the fabric of the room so it is best to have some heating on at a low temperature rather than switch it off all together, allowing a room to become very cold requires a lot more energy to get it warmed up and feeling cosy again, we suggest you play around and find the minimum temperature you feel comfortable at, when infrared heating has been used regularly in a room the objects around you are warmed and therefore the place feels more cosy than being surrounded by cold objects.


  • Wifi Connectivity direct to smart phone.
  • Easy to use APP for instant control of heating world wide.
  • IP 21 rated.
  • Touch screen functionality if required.
  • Fully programmable for setting days, times and temperatures for the heating to come on and off.
  • Fully automated or manual heating control.
  • Fits into standard 1 gang electrical back box.
  • 2 week battery backup to hold settings in case of power cut.
  • Thermostat lock function.