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Infrared heating panels are a perfect solution for domestic home heating, electric heating is easy to install and highly controllable to help reduce your energy consumption. Perfect for when either building a new home or replacing an old heating system, or to a single room or extension. The low energy consumption of an infrared heating panel means it can also be run by your own self generated power for cheap daytime heating, or with the use of battery storage right into the evening too!                

Introduction.                                                              Go to the shop for a 350w heater

Home owners are becoming far more aware of their energy usage, and finding ways to reduce energy consumption and create a more efficient home, many new electrical appliances are available with smart controls, as this is the future technology for our homes. By bringing about more awareness of our energy use helps us to better understand where we are wasting energy and also where we can cut back as this ultimately reduces our energy bills.

Traditional methods of heating with boilers and radiators are expensive and time consuming to install, radiators are often fitted where it is most convenient for the plumber rather than considering the layout and furnishings of the room, and usually one single programmer will control the whole central heating  system, so even if one room is in use the whole house must be heated, causing a huge waste in energy.

An awareness of energy efficiency has brought about changes in our thought processes and habits. Infrared heaters have been in use in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands for more than twenty years, these countries have always been far more environmentally aware and ahead of others, this infrared technology is now widely available in the UK to home owners wishing to reduce their electricity consumption.

Our white panels are ideally suited to homes, whether new build properties, retro fitting or extensions, the white colour is designed for use on domestic ceilings, the power levels are generally suitable for one panel per room of the house. Installation is required by a competent electrician who can fit the panels along with room thermostats or smart controls for even greater efficiency.

Central heating.                                                   

Bedroom mirror electric heaterThe term central heating is becoming obsolete, as we work towards zonal heating, deciding on what is best for each room and its use, or maybe a few rooms together creating a zone. Zones not in regular use may simply be set to a lower temperature to reduce energy consumption, like a spare bedroom for example, which needs airing but not fully heating. A thermostatic programmer in each room also compensates for cold north facing rooms compared to sunny south facing rooms, and whilst cooking in the kitchen will switch off its thermostat it will not affect the rest of the house.

Infrared heaters do not have a thermostat fitted, we allow you to chose what works best for you. An open plan flat might want three heaters across the kitchen / dining / sitting room all connected to one thermostatic programmer because this is one room and one volume of air. However, the main bedroom and the spare bedroom require individual thermostats because they have different heating needs.

heated mirrorBathrooms

All our heating panels are IP44 rated for use in bathrooms, this means they are splash proof but as with most electrical items do not want to be getting really wet! Position beyond zone 2 away from direct water contact.

A mirror heater is great in the bathroom, as the surface becomes hot and will not mist up, it can be placed above the sink.

Infrared heating is excellent in bathrooms. It has two major benefits over traditional hot air heating, people are warmed directly and the walls/ objects are warmed to give a comfortable all round warmth and help prevent condensation and keep the walls dry.


If you position an infrared heating panel on the ceiling or on the wall in the bathroom you can feel the warmth directly on your body, this is particularly pleasant for those who like to take time in the bathroom, those with children or the elderly. When the heating is left on for longer periods prior to bathing it will warm the walls and furniture which then give off warmth to warm the air and create a cosy comfortable atmosphere, cold walls give a perceived feeling of cold and draughts. Bathroom condensation is due to hot moist air touching cold walls, this is reduced when infrared heating is allowed time to warm the walls prior to and after bathing. A simple room programmer and thermostat can control the heating efficiently to maintain a gentle background warmth without wasting electricity.


Single room heaters.                                           Go to the shop for a 850w heater

infrared heating panel fitted on the ceilingFull central heating provided by traditional radiators can be expensive to run especially when only one room is in use during the day, our infrared heating panels provide a smart and safe solution to warming one room, whether that is your kitchen where you sit, or a home office where you work.

Infrared electric heating can work in conjunction with your current central heating system or as a stand alone heating solution.

In a kitchen extension, wall space is often limited, and so a ceiling mounted heating panel is the perfect solution even if the rest of the house already has gas central heating.

Your new heater should be positioned above where you sit, so you can feel the lovely sunshine feeling of infrared on your body, all our customers say they love the feeling of infrared, it is very gentle, completely different to warm air heating!




Home – initial costs to purchase infrared heating panels                            

To supply panels to heat a modern three bedroom house could cost as little as £2700  with an additional cost for an electrician to fit and wire heaters to thermostatic programmers, either per room or zone of the house. This method of heating costs substantially less to install than conventional radiators and boilers.

Area to heat measurements wattage required cost to supply heater
Living area 16 sq metres 850 watt panel £340
Dining area 12 sq metres 600 watt panel £275
Kitchen 12 sq metres 600 watt panel £275
Cloakroom 5 sq metres 350 watt panel £215
Entrance hallway 5 sq metres 600 watt panel £275
Landing stairway 5 sq metres 350 watt panel £215
Bedroom 1 16 sq metres 850 watt panel £340
Bedroom 2 14 sq metres 600 watt panel £275
Bedroom 3 10 sq metres 600 watt panel £275
Bathroom 6 sq metres 350 watt panel £215

To heat this house requires 5.75 KW of electricity per hour, if we are paying 13p per unit per hour (this will depend on your tariff) then it will cost 75p per hour to initially heat the whole house and may be reduced to as little as 25p per hour to maintain warmth. It is only in the coldest part of winter that we have all the heating on all of the time. We suggest you make investments to insulate your home as well as possible as this will significantly reduce your running costs. A well insulated home retains warm air whereas cold walls, single glazed windows, or draughty doors allow your warm air to escape.