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Glass heaters

Feature glass heaters using infrared technology

black glass heater wall mounted in fireplace

black glass heater wall mounted in fire place

Glass heating panels can be incorporated into the interior design, positioned like wall art or to create a focal point. The reflective surface will bring movement and light to a room, the highly polished surface is almost mirror like in some settings!

Glass heaters can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Please remember if you are using our heating panels in a purely decorative way that some areas of the room may not be warmed by the panels and therefore it may be necessary to have more wattage (panels) than our usual recommendations. Infrared heating panels are most efficient when positioned centrally so their light rays can reach every part of the room.

The appearance of glass infrared heating panels does not change whether switched on or off.

Heating panels do not require any maintenance but can be wiped down with a damp cloth when switched off.

Glass heaters can be mounted on the ceiling where space and design are at a premium. Especially useful in corridors for reflecting light.

ceiling glass heaters in a door entranceModern kitchens with granite worktops, slate floors and black appliances can be accentuated with a black glass heating panel fitted onto the wall, contrasting the course stone and polished glass whilst echoing the reflective qualities of the electronic kitchen equipment.

glass wall panel heaters at reception deskContemporary offices evoke a feeling of being well organised, efficient and up to the minute, the progressive appearance can be enhanced by a modern looking heater too whilst also showing your commitment to energy efficiency and new technology.  Go to shop


Mirror glass heating panels offer a space saving and practical solution to heating your home or business. A mirror heater can be left on 24/7 to gently warm cold or damp buildings working alongside the traditional central heating system or can be the only heating source, perfect for entrance hallways, bathrooms and offices.
Mirror glass heater

Infrared glass panels can be left on for long periods to help reduce condensation problems or damp found in older buildings and provide a gentle, welcoming, all-round warmth.

Mirrors are rated IP44 for use in bathrooms and wetrooms. When the glass is hot it will not mist up! Ask us about a towel rail attachment which fits across the lower one third to make your mirror into a heated towel rail too!



Multiheat also supply glass panels with a chunky aluminium frame and pictures set behind glass for a stylish and durable finish.4mm glass panel heater range


230V, 50Hz. Standard electrical cable.

CE Certification

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.