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Multiheat can supply a range of different styles of white heaters, plain white heaters on the wall or ceiling provide an affordable heating solution for homes and businesses wanting to reduce their energy consumption and thus lower fuel bills.

Our panels simply require four screws in the wall and hook into place. Any qualified electrician can install your heaters, although we do ask that you discuss with us first  the best place to position the heater so we can make sure you are getting the best from your new purchase. All panels have a bare flex, which we recommend is wired to a programmable thermostat or the flex can be cut short and fitted to the nearest electrical socket depending on your needs. Programmable thermostats allow for more efficient use of energy and better control of the heating bills.  Infrared heating is designed to be left on all day or for long periods, it provides very gentle warmth, which heats the surrounding objects and people to create a comfortable warmed thermal mass, it is a revolutionary form of central heating, being surrounded by very slightly warmed objects makes us feel more comfortable, these items radiate warmth – just think of warm sand on the beach, a warm stone wall on a spring day, we feel comfortable when surrounded by warm things. This warmth also heats the air.




White panels with white frame

Our best seller. We have been selling this product in the UK for many years, it comes from a large manufacturer in Austria and is widely available across Europe and Canada.

This panel is very lightweight. Ideal for wall or ceiling mounting in any environment. The matt white surface blends with a white domestic ceiling, the frame gives a neat and stylish appearance.

This panel is available in a variety of physical sizes and wattages to suit various rooms in the home or workplace.


White frameless ceiling panel

This panel is matt white with a very slight texture. Made from steel this panel is slightly more robust and heavier than our framed panel. Sized to suit the suspended ceiling in 60 x 60cm or 60 x 120cm measurements but is also attractive for domestic use.

This panel is highly effective producing an excellent feeling of infrared, ideal for slightly higher ceilings up to 3.5 meters high or colder buildings.


Infra Red heating panelWhite frameless wall panel

A new addition to our range of heating panels for 2017 from our experienced commercial infrared heating manufacturer in the Ukraine. For wall or ceiling mounting.

This panel is made from robust steel with a wipeable satin finish surface, especially designed for the health conscious environment, care homes, hospitals, schools and asthma sufferers. The satin paint also provides a hardwearing coating for busy domestic households.

This panel is also available in a range of small sizes suitable for under the office desk or till points in shops, the small home office/ computer room, along church pews or inside dog kennels.


Where can I use an infrared heating panel?

Infrared heating panels can be fitted almost anywhere. Homes, offices, shops, schools, hospitals, village halls, fitness gyms and treatment rooms. One panel can be added for top up warmth to an existing central heating system or infrared can heat the whole building. White panels are very discrete on the ceiling, many visitors to the house will never notice the white panel on the ceiling but will comment on the lovely feeling of warmth when stood below the heater and wonder where the heat is coming from!

Electric heating is very easy to install and does not cause any disruption or mess, you should not need to redecorate afterwards! A panel can be fitted on the wall, high up like a picture, and simply run from the nearest plug socket however it is much more effective when fitted on the ceiling – remember infrared is the warmth we feel from the sun, your panel should be able to shine across the whole room, warming every surface, it is no good tucked behind the sofa or up a corner.

But hot air rises – how does that work! Panels give off radiant heat they do not give off hot air. Infrared warms the surfaces around the room, they then radiate heat to warm the air. The air will stay warm for longer because it is touching warmed surfaces and not cold ones, therefore there will be no circulation effect or little difference in air temperature between the floor and the ceiling, so less movement of dust and allergens. Panels do not blow hot air around like traditional storage heaters or convection heaters.

infrared heating panel fitted into false ceilingSuspended ceilings.  Square panels fit into suspended ceilings,  heaters can be positioned above work stations or evenly spread across the larger office ceiling amongst the lighting panels. The benefits of using our panels mean wall space is not restricted, there can be no accidental damage, the business owner has full control of the heating expense, staff are unable to tamper with heat settings or leave heaters on overnight, in rented properties the electric heaters can be removed at the end of a contract. This small heater is also suitable on the ceiling of a bathroom, childs bedroom or home office. Buy me

infrared heating panel fitted on the ceiling

500 watt panel 60 x 90cm From our standard range of infrared heating panels. Made from lightweight aluminium 5.75kg in weight. Heating an area of about 12 square metres.

Our 500 watt best seller panel is a popular size to heat rooms of the home. In this house the electrician pushed the electric cable up into the ceiling/floor board space above, therefore no wiring is visible in the kitchen, all the heating panels are connected together and the wiring loop returns back to the fuse board for safety.

This size panel is also available in 600 watts for wall mounting  Buy me




If you imagine the panel as a torch beam, the infrared light energy shines out and across the room, the light is most intense close to the panel and most widespread further away, anything cast in shadow is not reached by the light. By positioning the panel on the ceiling the infrared energy is even and widespread. Positioning low on the wall is not ideal, the area closest will have intense warmth and the area further away will have weaker warmth or become shadowed and thus not heated. By positioning high on the wall like a picture you gain the benefits of ceiling mounting but with easier access to plug sockets and less wiring skill is needed but some energy is lost to heating the ceiling so a little extra power is required to warm the room.

700 watt panel from our standard range of infrared heating panels 60 x 120cm Heating an area of about 17 square metres. For a larger living room or lounge /diner we recommend two panels  are positioned equally to cover the whole area.

If your staircase is opeWhite heaters. infrared heating panel on ceilingn plan with the living room then the measurements of this also needs to be added to the calculation if all the volume of air is to be heated.

The infrared rays from this large panel can be felt up to 3 metres away. A good choice in situations where people really need to feel the warmth directly, such as therapy rooms or for the elderly.  Buy me


All panels are IP44 rated for use in bathrooms, we suggest the panel is fitted to the ceiling away from the bath or shower but above where you stand to dry, ideally the heater should have its own timer or programmer so that the heating can be on at a lower temperature throughout the day, this will ensure a general all round warmth and comfort. If you have free wall space then our glass panels and mirrors look really stylish in bathrooms.

As every home and situation is different we are happy to liaise with you and discuss your heating needs, we do not fit the heaters, this can be done by your own local qualified electrician. We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible on the website and we are always happy to talk to our customers by phone, we would much rather you discuss your needs with us and choose the correct size heater than be disappointed next winter!

Safety certifications.

CE Certification

TÜV Rheinland, Germany.

RoHS conformity

IP 44 Protection for use in bathrooms

Thermal safety sensors to prevent over-heating.

We have a number of different suppliers. All our heating panels are designed and sold widely across Europe and therefore have a proven track record.

In Europe infrared heating has been a very popular means of electric heating for many years, in colder climates the panels are turned on and left on 24/7 throughout the winter months.